Saturday, December 30, 2006

aparantly i am a pot and i am black.

This one is for MAIA. who i guess would be a kettle if i'm a pot. haha. ok i'm tired. LONG LAME day at work. BUT i did get to have sushi with amy before work! YAY. and i saw Alison and Maiers at work. Highlights for sure. OH what? you want an explanation for the picture ok ok...So this is Maia and I pregnant. IT was a couple of years ago now, we dressed up for "mall manhunt" for youth group...hahah YEP MyPie nad I walked around Guildford Mall for like three hours like that! we wore wedding bands and everything. some woman actually said i was having a boy! remeber MAIERS?! she talked to us for like 5 of the most awkward moments of my life!! Anyways cheers to good times with stellar friends willing to do crazy things all in the name of fun!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

t'was the night after christmas...

...and Megan was tired as an old woman after a long day of knitting. Honest my house has been CRAZY. mmm don't get me wrong i LOVE all my siblings and their significant others, and my nieces and my nephews and my aunt and uncle and cousin. but i am tired. i've had a good couple days. noisy per usual, but it was so good to see them all, it seems like forever since we've all been together and they were definatly all here today!!

i dont want to go to work. i really really really don't. i work the next four days to get a day off then go back to work. ack. it's funny whenever i tell someone i'm working lots in a complainy sort of fashion they say "but think of all the money you're making" ...first off i work for minimum wage...and second i'd rather have a week off to just recooperate than make a little money. yeah, i was going to carry on but i'm too tired to type hahaha... needless to say i'm not feeling any bit rested for school and i know i still have two weeks but nothings going to change to allow that to happen...C'est la vie for now!

peace and much love on this boxing day night!

Sunday, December 24, 2006






Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Nephew just sent me an archie e-card for Christmas. tee hee he's so cute. His name is riley and he's super rad!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

.a precious gift.
.turned to plastic.
.Do you take Visa.
.God with us.
.the warmth of tears comes once more.
.breaking the prespiration from my brow.
.allowing raw material to touch the fake hard plastic that's become my heart.
.a baby in a manger.
.my Lord as a child.
.how can i be unaffected.
.a great expectation.
.he has come.
.Come let us adore him.
.for he alone is worthy.
.fall to your knees.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Life Soundtrack

This is something I did on's fun!

if your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

so, here's how it works:
1. open your library (iTunes)
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that's playing
5. when you go to a new question, press the next button
6. don't lie

Opening Credits: Hands Open- Snow Patrol
" I want to hear you laugh like you really mean it colapse into me tired with Joy"

Waking Up: I'd Do Anything - Simple Plan *bah ha for more sleep heck yes i would...this one is embarrassing...oh SP*

First Day of High School : Sad and Guilty Ways - Kids in the Way" I've laid to rest all of my mistakes"

Falling in Love: A Whole New World - Disney * NO LIE HAHAHA SO RAD!!*

Fight Song: Piano Song - Feist *So beautiful...good silence treatment song*

Breaking Up: Bleed America - Jimmy Eat World*ha again fitting....*

Prom: Wilderness - The Supertones

Life: Jesse Maranger's song *Capernwray Friend
* "Dismissing these memories are a privelige not yet taken"

Mental Breakdown: Sam Malone - City and Colour
*With this new season, it brings with it signs of hope"

Driving: WInd it Up - Barenaked Ladies

Flashback: All at Once - The Fray
"there are certain people you keep coming back too" NICE!!

Getting Back Together: Every Line of a long Moment - Roddy Woomble

Wedding: Poor Unfortuante Souls - Little Mermaid Disney
*BAH HA this one is hilarious!! not a forshadow i hope! hahah*

Birth of a Child: Running Away - Hoobastank
*DANG and my soundtrack was going sooo rad!*

Final Battle: Miseducation of Lauren hall...number 7

Death Scene: The God's Love Nubia - Aida
* I love this song. soo powerful. *

Funeral: Look After You- The Fray
*holy tear jerker batman!*
" If I don't say this now I will surely break As I'm leaving the one I want to take Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait My heart has started to separate "

End Credits: Sound of Your Voice - BNL

Ok ok...well for the most part this is a sweet soundtrack. hahaha the wedding song is hilarious and i woulnd't change it...

Honest it would be stinking hard to do a soundtrack...

Friday, December 15, 2006


So...the rumours are true! i'm done exams! woo woo! i'll be working a butt load but whatever no stress of homework and stuff...just cranky customers. remember kids while searching for that perfect gift, that retail store employees get paid minimum wage!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

attraction is a weird thing.
unconsciously you look.
you like.
it becomes harder to ignore.
not merely people.
not merely objects.
not literal things.
not just thoughts.
not tangible.
not illusive.
not ideas.
not plans.
not you.
attraction is a misleading thing.
do you think it is?
it grabs my attention.
yet not yours.
Attraction: a force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation.
things aren't always as they seem.
poetic liberties.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Cost of film: 7.99

Cost of Development: 5.99

Cost of Friends like these: Priceless.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


how? i have no clue. but the freakin' thing is done. just thought you should know. ...what? is it good? HECK NO! but as the saying of the week goes..."C's get degrees"


...have you ever had one of those papers that you ...just...dont'...or ...can't...write. Seriously! i mean of course we've all experienced the great pain of having to write term papers...but this one is killing me! I thought it was due on tuesday, and I had not finished it....*cough* or started it*cough* but I got into class and everyone's like "yeah, Jerry pushed it back to thursday!" well halle-freakin-luha!...except, have I taken advantage of the extra days?...heck no! why...because ...we'll i'm not sure but i'm finding it freakin' hard to get through this one. It shouldn't be that bad, and i've squeezed out eight pagers in my sleep but man alive....

...well I suppose i should really just conquer this beast and get it done! two pages down...6 more to go...bah ha!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

it was a magical night full of...

lost boys, finding there way home...
hansel and grettle
Beauty and the beast. the toothfairy and villians. Snow and little red riding hood

g Princess' and Malificent Gnomes that need to be dealt with..
and many more
Beautiful lights, and beautiful people!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


OOOH man I So hope that school is closed tomorrow...because i do NOT want to try to drive back into abby again. Today sucked. I got up too late to go to the early service at church. i then attempted to go out to school for a group project meeting only to discover my car is lame, went around the block and complained to the fasha who then fixed it and i was off once more. HA. why o why did i try!? the freeway was one giant white blur speckled with black dots on the side of the road...i thought i was going to die. i didnt' but my car did for two wouldnt' move, dead. i started to panic but it started again. then on the off ramp once in abbey, a lady was fish tailing and i was uber scared and just yelled Jesus let her go! and BAM she stratened out and went on. ha Thank You! so i got off then went right back onto the freeway, i shoudl have just stayed at a friends in abbey or something but i had stuff to do. SO i got back on and BAM soon we were all stopped. For like 10 min. we just sat there and the snow piled up. then i went like under 2 km for half an hour. then finally got to go about it was freaky! white out for sure!

Anywho so i get home, go for a walk with my mom to calm myself down which worked it was sweet. THEN i realized i cant drive out to newlands for my Christmas party. so i called a few people but no go, my bro...not home. dang i missed the partai. DANG IT. i even bought an outfit and was sooo loooking forward to going. CRAP. but anyways i got an 8 page paper done, due tomorrow and i really thought i was handing this one in late. so that's good.

BUt now i'm stressin' because school may be open tomorrow and i do NOT want to try to go back out there...*shudder*

BUT last night rocked!! it was maia's birthday/young adults fantasy feast!! it was amazing and thanks maia for being born and doing this! hahaha...i was malificent...the villian from sleeping beauty.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

tonight i read a friends blog and could relate all too well...and i sort of just went was a comment ment to encourage but turned into me just spewing my thoughts...

currently i am sitting on my bed, cross-legged, surrounded by almost a dozen books about the emerging church, worship, life cycles and young adult ministry. my thoughts are too many to single one out. my pressures are too many to push any aside. my failed attempt at an extention loomes on my heart and the thought of failure perueses through the other complicate senarios in my mind. i want to do anything but what i have to do. i want to have a conversation with someone without one eye on the door waiting for my life to snatch me away. life, i feel as though i'm not really living it merely trudging through it...yet all that i am in i chose. i chose school, thus i have to work, i chose the various ministry positions, the play...what have i done?

..hahaha it all sounds hopeless yet it's not. there is hope. i mean i'm going to be done this semester in like 3 weeks....these assignments wont be there for the rest of my life. and one day i will be able to be normal again!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

every feel contrasted.
like the deep recesses of life are interfolded into who you've become.
to form a melody of mahem.

hahaha...i'm terribly tired and should be in bed, me worky tomorrow *but of course* tonight i watched pretty in pink after work. i love that movie. it makes me want to be in high school again. it makes me want to take risks i know i wouldn't or won't. it makes me want to live life to the fullest and find a friend like duckie. stop laughing at me i'm tired.

Friday, November 17, 2006

sorry maia there is not getting out of this are now 23!


love you oooh soo much.

basically other people reading this. if you dont know maia you really should. and if you do take a minute and think of how truly freakin' amazing she is.

Monday, November 13, 2006

12:17am & I think I have food poisoning. HA

I feel feverish and very unsettled in the belly and their is no sense in trying to sleep...lets leave it at that.

funny story.

Today for lunch I made myself a wrap. mmm you may say, as would I except this time! I sat down to devour my wrap when my dearest mother asked "are those still good" reffering to the wrap shell it' self. To this I merely responded "probably not" yet continued to consume it, I mean I saw no traces of bacteria and really how sick could one get from a bad wrap! Aparrantly plenty sick! I know what Maia is thinking right now... oh I hope Megs isn't off wraps forever she loves them! ...and it's true i do, i do love wraps...yet i shudder right now at the very thought of the one i ate today. It wasn't even that good. *sigh*

haha in other news I've been having a freakin' BUSY week...really good elements including: a 24/7 prayer room *thank you Lord*, art, random leaf fights, great movies*stranger than fiction is so awesome & inside man, i'm gonna be honest and say i can dig it!* , the living word, 3 hour worship sessions, ignoring homework to relax and paint my toe nails, dude snoring in prayer room HA.....and of course not so hot elements such as: current state of belly haha, stress of copious amounts of school work to be done, stress at work, not sleeping well, that the good elements are the best yet most speratic and seldom of times, not seeing my friends enough.......

At the bass of the cross, someone wrote they're sins on a rock and with red paint marked forgiven on it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

oh Seuss

The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.we sat in the house.
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold, wet day...

Too wet to go out And too cold to play ball.
So we sat in the house.
We did nothing at all.

And then
Something went BUMP!
How that bump made us jump!...

" I know it is wet
And the sun is not sunny.
But we can have
Lots of good fun that is funny!"

Oh the fun that can be had on rainy days.
i will not bore you with my woes
of the crazy chapter ways...
k i'm to lazy to rhyme.
i'n not very good at it anyways

i had a tiring weekend
spent a great deal of time at work
the atmosphere is getting crazy
tis the season

late nights were the theme of the weekend
work ends at 10:30
let the games begin

last night i went to the naam
with some girls from work
seriously awesome place
yummy food, great atmosphere

then we hit the 218 flavors of gelato
it was late on a stormy november sunday
they were still open
good times, one the way home
we listend to jerry seinfield
*everyone seems to be talking about him today*
he's a funny guy.

ok i'm tired of writing
i think you are tired of reading
i will say adiu
and get some work done...hahaha

this has been brought to you by :

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


friday night:
- sleep in *mmmm sleep* and all "errands" done by one oclock
- get read 70's style for a halloween party....while going out the door deciding i feel more 80's and changed
- go to halloween party, pumpkin in hand and game face is no where to be found
- i only knew like 4 people at the party and didnt' feel like "mingling" that didn't last long and it turned into a sweet night. mostly because of those four people though!
- carve a pumkin...least creative of the was so rad to see like 20 pumpkins all light up *not everyone carved one*
- laughed at the host who was a peanut butter jar go up the stairs and rip his pants
- talked to mandy who is actually friends with these people *small world!*

- slept in *YES!*
- hung out pretty much all day with amy!!!!
-took pics. went on an adventure. found an oasis. talked. and laughed
- had a KP preformance *a 15 min thing for a rad ministries 40th anniversary celebration*
- got told a "message from the Lord"- he was annointing my lips to speak the gospel.
- got a rad encouragement via a job offer from the guy who works with seven oaks alliance and northviews productions *huge church productions that are awesome*
-got home in time to go for a bit to the annual wine and cheese 06'!! so fun, i heart my friends. good chats, good laughs, and good drummin'

- prepared breakfast and sunday school for 15 prehigh/high kids
- the power went out at church and we all gathered closer and had impromtu worship. *awesome*
-was given playdoe in the service and made two snowmen and a pinguin having a snowball didnt' make it
- another Kp preformance, it's always a gong show hangin out with the KP crew it's sweet

- class
-amy came to spend the day with me! and tys and maia joined us for lunch and hangout after!! it was so fun!! laughed a LOT. ate reese's pieces chocolate balls. read marytrs mirror out loud.
-sat and chatted and read with amy and some collegium crew
-class: got a lot of homework done. got to leave early

-eight am. class. OT theology.
-classics in religious lit: talked about martyrdom and such, some good discussion.
- came home. ate. hahahaha...
-napped!! for two hours or more...sick i know. i tell myself that i wont and that i'll get soo much done but sleep always wins...i need lots and lots of it...
-now i shall go and read and research for the copious amounts of crap i have to do *meaning group projects and such*

i'm sorry this was sort of just a borin list. this weekend was full of things to post about but alas..time is tickin' away tick tick tick tickin' away

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

how do they know!?!

"How was your weekend? I went golfing"
" that's dumb."

(i'd like to thank Gracie for introducing me to white ninja)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Prestige!

Ok this summer I discovered that Christian Bale was going to be in a new I did some fine internet research and found out it was called The Prestige. I've been waiting a long time for this one and tonight a bunch of us went and saw it *granted most of the people reading this would have been there hahaha* I can honestly say that I really really liked this movie. A whole lot. I totally recommend it. The acting was awesome, Christian Bale is a truly gifted actor. The rest of the cast did a fabulous job as well, Michael Cane is classic, Hugh Jackman from wolvarine to this, another versitle actor. Scarlett Johanson was pretty good and I thought the chick that played the Sarah did a great job. Not to mention gullum guy and David Bowie!! Crazy plot line...yeah just sweet all around definatly didn't let me done. True story, I was a little worried because I've been waiting a while for this one.

Friday, October 20, 2006

i forgot what i was going to post.

so it's been over a week so i thought i'd post. but i'm currently sleepy. and want to take a nap. so you get a picture of the freaky parade in california adventure park. i heart pete's dragon.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today I did the inevitable *thanks*

I took a sick day. I HATE taking sick days, well i like it but i feel like such a wimp ya know?!

But last night I COULD not sleep for the second night in a row, and this moring my soar throat was no longer just a soar throat but a raging beast that had clawed it's way into my sinus passages and caused great amounts of pressure. My body aches and I was WAY to tired to crawl out of bed at 7:20 for my 8 oclock class..i'm sooo glad i didnt'. I kept waking up though achey and such thinking "what about work!?" So at 10 I called it. no worky for me today, i coudlnt' imagine standing for 8 hours behind the cash register consistancly talking to people. so i called in. I hate that feeling, i know they understand but still they are going to be swamped. *Sigh* C'est la vie!

Also guys, Thank you SO much for all your prayers, my life as crazy as it has been for the last while, is good. My Gran is still in hostpital but daily getting better!! Praise God. And my mom said I could borrow her Visa to make my payments for school. So where as life is not easy street right now and i literally feel like i've been hit by a car *i told janny this and she freaked out "you've been hit by a car!!" haha no no jan, figure of speach* , it is good, and our God is good.

Love you all muchly.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

...part two...

i share all these things friends not for pity. i share it because this is my life right now. i share them to inspite them and through them praise my God whom loves me and is holy and worthy of my praise. this morning i couldnt' find my keys, and i was late for class. i smiled and laughed with people in the bookstore then i went to make a payment for school. aparantly i owe more than i had led myself to believe and there is no possible way i can pay for it. there is no room on my mastercard for that. so after nearly letting the floodgates open i calmed myself and left the finance office thinking there is a possiblilty the school is going to kick me out. *breath* it will be fine, my mom will help with what she can. keeping in mind my dad has been off of work for two months. the floodgates opened up in pharmasave where i went to see my mom at work. i love her, Thank you LOrd for my mom. my throat is now extremely soar and my head is aching once more. *sigh* a girl can only take so much before the floodgates explode!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

...praising under pressure...

...well today was my thanksgiving day celebration. I love thanksgiving. this one on the other hand was incredibly hard. My grandma had surgury last tuesday to remove cancer in her colon. we thought she was ok, then thursday she had a heartattack, then again we thought she was going to be ok. friday a lung collapsed or somehting. then it was going to be ok. THEN Today after church i found out she was not well at all. she had mass amounts of fluid on her lungs, and her heart was not able to get oxeygen to her body. When my mom called she said we should probably come to see her. So, mandy and I prepared everything for dinner and just left it and went to see grandma.. everyone mostly was there...anyways, her doctor told us essentially that the medicine was keeping her alive but that it woudln't work forever, three hours to six days he said. so we came home had dinner, then planned on going back. while at home we got hte call that she was actually doing better and that all her stats were up and such. i took mom in anyways and we stayed for a while, then essentially got kicked out. only one visitor over night. my auntie was gonna stay. *SIGH* it's been a looong hard day. i'm tired. my eyes are stinging. and i have a migraine. alas God is still worthy of praise and I truly am thankful on this day.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

the hardest part

when will the two words crack this damed wall .
when will those four words restore peace.
here i sit.
here i wait.
the hardest part.
i've prepared.
or so i think.
will it be two or four.
you couldn't tell me.
neither could she.
there is one who could.
yet for now.
time will tell.
until then.
here i sit.
here i wait.
the hardest part.

Friday, September 29, 2006

the m&m show...

My skull or yours?! *our car keys, thanks anne!*

Texting those who were not "picked"

We got lost! Where was our gate...what the ...could this be?!?!

Yep...we were in the right place! A place of season ticket holders and those who served us...

Hot diggity dog! what's a game without an overpriced snackeroni!?! and an over zealous....

WHALE?!...and guys with beer, and fathers with sons...

..What?! OH THE was that...AWESOME! A real "nail" bitter hahaha...who would win who!?!? US OF COURSE!!! It was intense. And what better way to celebrate than...

Skytrain Charades! *it's me scoring the winning goal!*

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank MAIA for making this magnificant night possible. As manty of you know I've never been to a "real" hockey game..I know...i know..but now I AM truly Canadian. It was truly a spectacular experience...anyone else want to take me to a sports game?!

And yes...the Gong did ring several times!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the M&M show at GM place

the golden ticket.

ok after several failed attempts to upload more pictures i'm spent...i'll try again tomorrow HA. but know this ...

..i got the golden ticket adn man oh man was it grrreeeaaat *tony the tiger style*

Thursday, September 21, 2006

i ACTUALLY get to sleep in tomorrow!! WHA!?!

So my life has been crazy, really like CRAZY. and i've had some ups. and. downs. HA like yesterday when I found out I really was a "lifer" at CBC...i have another full year not half a year after this one. BUT HEY "move along move along" Currently I'm SO tired, it's funny! haha. After 5ish hours of sleep I sauntered into my 8 am class then to Religious lit *LOVE IT* had a WEE nap. then had lunch with people who define the meaning of "gong show" *you know i love ya*. then went straight to an 8 hour shift at not quite barns and noble but chapters. by the end of my shift i was so tired i was hyper. THEN this could be the best part of my day I talked to a friend who is soo near and dear to my heart. honest. i would trade the whole day for a good convo with this one. and now here i be...tired as can be ....

K last weekend i fell in love with cape all over again, by hanging out with Alley, J-Rae and Joshy. *sigh* here is their model shot of the weekend. *i'll post random pics of our time together ...randomly haha*

Monday, September 18, 2006

coming soon...

an update of my life and my lovelies *yes i hung out with ally!*

Thursday, September 14, 2006

it's like a pencil with erasers on both ends

thank you Emery. at this very moment friends. i'm tired. I feel lame in saying this because every college student is busy...ok well not every student. I just would really like to sit and watch a movie without any guilt of "i have so much to do" or ooh I dont' have time I gotta go to work now. I don't say that to get pity. honestly. it's just where I'm at, at this particular moment in my day.

I miss my friends. I hear from them what they did. who they saw. or their plans for the weekend. Oh yeah?! sweet. i have to work. later? no, sorry. I know i sound pesimistic. i'm sorry. just tired. dang it i should be napping not typing! but really complaining is easier to do than try to fix what your complaining about! *i had a good discussion about this in my contemporary church class, its' actually a pet peeve of mine, especially when it comes to peoples complaints on the church! but alas that is another blog*

well kids i'm gonna go shower and go to work.

OH OH ray of funshine for me though...i DO get to hang out with some very lovely people this weekend, i booked saturday off so i could spend lots of time with...ALLY, JOSH and JANICE!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Excitement has no meaning to me. FEAR has replaced it.

I have tunnel vision...

OOh it seems merely days ago *oh wait it was*, in which I was excited about reading. Looking forward to wading through my text books and going back to classes. I knew it wouldnt' last. I've only had three of my 5 classes and already I'm freaked out of my gord! I have SO much reading its not even possible, sure i'm lacking in papers but MAN ALIVE, every class so far has reading journals due not to mention like 6 books for one class! I literally have anxiety pain over it! HA! I ususally dont' stress over school stuff, really, but I don't know.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

back to school...back to school.. prove to Dad I'm not a foul, I've got my lunch packed, my boots tied tight, i hope i don't get in a FIGHT OOOOOHHHHH....

that's right folks class is in session.

So far, I've had one class and honest I'm rather excited about it, it's a small class of 13 and it's on the Contemporary Church. Today I bought 10 books, and no lie I have to buy 6 more still! I'm gonna die, my retnas are gonna implode. That's what I get for taking two english classes and other classes in which the proffs seem to enjoy books emensly. Yet I still seem to be really excited about school...odd yes. Although I do have one dread...and that is walking up for my 8 oclock class. HONESTLY who puts OT theology at 8 in the freakin' morning! bah ha...ha...oooh.

OHOH last night, Kev was here with Dakota and about 2 minutes after they left I hear a knocking and it's Kev. "uhhh I have a slight problem...I looked the keys in my van and Dokota's inside!" ...hahahaha sure enough, I walk to the car and there is Baby D *she's 2 now* sitting almost falling asleep in her chair all buckled up ready to go. The good thing is he didnt' shut the door completely so the light remained on. Normally if you asked Dakota she would unbuckle herself, but alas she was incredibly tired and upon that request she merely started crying and asking "why daddy!" This was the only time I could stop laughing, poor little thing...anyways my bro managed to bend a coat hanger in this nifty formation that slide into the crack of the door and popped that bad boy open!

bon voyage!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

a tribute...

to my "new best friend" !!

I talked to this kid the other day, and he got me thinking of all you Capers. I miss it sometimes I really do.

ps. I loved this picture of Hitchmoe so much I had to post it!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Honestly!? MAN ALIVE!!!

...this was my reaction tonight as I recieved the news that my nephew was in the emergency room recieving a cast on his broken arm!!! ...yep that's right kids, another family member to be added on the list! It's sooo weird...I was actually really troubled by the fact that it seems that one by one my family members are being taken to the hospital but i'm doing ok now. Going to the movies really helped...

I saw "Accepted" and honestly, it made me laugh soo much, it was just a really good comedy that I didn't feel "bad" watching. So funny... hahah yeah.

Also I'm gonng start writing a book... "Jesus Loves You but Everyone Else Thinks Your An Idiot" ...I'll tell you my thoughts of today and where this tittle came from ...but that will be for another time.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

two and half yes's

serious, that subject line was a lot of work!

This post is going to be one of those, I have so much on my mind, heart, and I'm full of this past weeks adventures but there is so much that non will coherently come out. So here is a wee taste of it all...

It has been a very fun week, full of great times and wonderful people. Bonfires, Settlers, Carcason, teaching Drama to youngins, my Nieces and Nephews... of my favorite moments was having Dakota sleep on me after a long day of play and being able to rub her back as she struggled to sleep while coughing. Children are so precious. Some other awesome moments were watching Ella, Rye and Isaac play with my youth and then my friends.

It's also been and "interesting" you have probably read, last week my Dad broke his foot. In the following days my sister had to go to emerg. because of a flue that absolutly wrecked her glands, and my sis in law got severe hives and had to be taken to emerg. twice! Both are fine now but it was just a little crasy. Then a couple of days ago my mom told me that my Grandma had cancer again, it's in her liver, possibly somewhere else *i can't rember where* she seems to be doing ok with it, she is soo strong but it's actuall my grandpa who i'm worried about. He's been drinking again and just does not sound good.

at points this week i've had to just go "what!?!" and either laugh or be still.

It continued with some confusing things but I know they too will be sorted out. . .

I've been trying to work on my conversational skills, because some people are amazing at it, and I, well I feel that I could use some work. The beauty of it is I dont mind silence...but it has the possibility of making people awkward.

i'll end with something that makes me smile.

Friday, August 18, 2006

ER the real thing almost as entertaining as the show?!?!

So today I arose earlier than I tend to one a friday *or anyday really* in the summer and scuffled off to prayer for the youth. When I came home I read then had a nap *ahem*. Ok this is already taking to long...Today my dad feel of a ladder, we spent like 4 hours in the ER and discovered that he had broken his foot. You may think wow, four hours in the hospital boring but OH NO! It was a "quiet" day so there really wasn't much for the nurses to do so it was quite entertaining watching them dote over my dad and discover what a "jones cast" is...aparantly it doesnt' get used anymore but dad was special. Also, it came to my attention that all the doctors I saw today were male, foreign and cute bah ha *bet you didn't expect that one from me eh!'s just an observation* Then I came home, "babysat" my well drugged father until me momsies got home then jet off to work an hour late. Yep that's my dad. If you could pray for my Dad that would be awesome, he's now in a great deal of pain and also he won't be able to head back to work anytime soon which will be very very hard on him. Pray that God would use this time to teach my Dad to lean on him and that this time of frustration would turn into a time in which my Dad would finally come to know God loves him.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bravo! BRAVO!!

There is a Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver called Bard on the Beach. I FINALLY got to go to one of their productions. On saturday some of us went and saw A Midsummer's Night Dream. OH MAN ALIVE it was soo amazing! Honest I haven't laughed that hard at a play in a long time if ever! They did a brillant job, not mucking with the origanal text but adding modern aspects and their own flare where apropriate! *The backdrop is the landscape of Van. the mountains and ocean*It was a lot of fun. Before hand Janny, Maia, Mel and I met up with Rye and Thanney and just hung out at Granville Island. I really like Vancouver I should spend more time there. Also i should really take advantage of the theatre scene in Van.

...and yes we found another hat store!!!