Wednesday, October 26, 2005

seriously though there is life after capernwray BUT...

At this very moment I am listening to Damien Rice. He has a beautiful voice. He reminds me of those beautiful days at capernwray when I'd spend time with my beautiful ladies in room 4. Helga would be complaining about our music saying that it wasn't so beautiful. Jayne would be lying on her bed eating some sort of beautiful digestive cookie. Allison, Pam and I would be sitting on pammy and I's bed that we had so beautifully set up. This, this was beauty in a way I've never experienced it. Complete strangers becoming family.

**wow so there was nestalgia for ya oh's not done! I can't help it, music has a way of making all these memories and emotions rush to the surface of your cognitive self. Pam introduced me to Damien and Damien reminds me of Pam and all the time the room 4 gals shared together. AH there was this one night where Helga told us an Icelandic fairy tale, in Icelandic then in was freaky! Oh man, we had fun that night. we had a lot of fun most nights.

Awe! now i'm talking to Evan online. Dang it I haven't talked to that kid since end of school. three cheers for Evan just cuz we all know he's a flippin radicule kid!

Anyways i shall return to write about my life here in BC soon, after all you know life at cape..but what you dotn know is life in BC! ...well some of you. HA

Saturday, October 22, 2005

You are Psalms
You are Psalms.

Which book of the Bible are you?
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Monday, October 17, 2005

the day I lost two loonies and a sweater in one hour

The following is based on a true event but must be read as if it were being told by a 1930's detective on the radio.

it was a new day. filled with promise and life. it was short lived though. strangled by the loss of things held dear to and cloths.* i had agreed to take my dearest ma ma shopping. we entered the store. a recent fever spiked and i shed my black nit sweater and lay it in the cart . we walked on. toothpaste was tossed amoungst my sweater that lay strewn on the top part of the shopping cart. a display of face towels toyed with our senses and we abandoned the cart to take a closer look. upon inspection we discovered them to be not what we were searching for. we moved on. but wait! it's gone! our cart has been taken! trying to hold back the panic i searched madly through out the ailes. nothing. just empty glossy ailes freshly waxed. at this point my thoughts were not on my sweater but on the dollar i had so willingly shoved in the sweater! my sweater was in the cart! it was no longer time to be calm. i was outraged. we had to find that cart! my mother wanted to give up and go home, disapointed in a world where someone would take a cart that so clearly was being used by others. not wanting to leave beaten by the system i shoved her another dollar. my last looney. she retreated to the parking lot in hopes of getting another cart. i persued the mission. i had to find that cart. i searched and searched . scowered every aile. every abandoned cart. every cart occupied by small children. it was hopeless. our cart was gone. my dollar was gone. my sweater was gone!! I gathered myself and presented my plight to the "costomer service" station. nothing could be done. gone. head hanging low i searched once more. but soon the fever took over. i walked to the front of the store. exausted. emotionaly unstable. in walks my mother. no cart. no cart?! before i could begin she told me . the cart took the looney but wouldn't uleash itself from the chain. she was horrified. dissapointed. a gentleman even tried to free the cart but it was usless. so there we stood. no cart. no sweater . no money. we decided to count our losses. we left that store. heads held high. fever running high. we returned home. the sun set and the rains began. and that my friends is the account of how i lost two dollars and a beloved sweater all in one hour.

* This is for dramatization purposes, I hold more dear to me than money and clothing.

Friday, October 14, 2005

.at this present moment.

I'm eating breakfast at 1 oclock. corn pops.
I'm wearing oversized sweatpants. royal servants shirt and cow pattern slippers.
I'm listening to Counting Crows greatest hit. A long december.
I'm a wee bit sick. a cold.congested. big head. wee bit of a fever. hence the great sleep in.
I'm not looking forward to working 3 till 10:30. sick.
I'm imagining myself draggin my sorry behind all over chapters avoiding customers that i'm suppose to be helping.
I'm recalling first term Cape. when I was sick way too much and my roomies took care of me. curfew. clementine everyday.
I'm trying to find humor in a day comprised of broken sleep and work.
I found it.

Monday, October 10, 2005



I could take this moment and share with you all things that I am thankful for...but alas, I'm not going to ...well maybe one thing...

ps- I LOVE CHEESE.....I mean I've started liking Touched by an Angel *ok REALLY liking it*

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Megan = Brave

See what I did in Africa!

...OK ok..

I didn't pick a lions nose...

But I did touch an alligator and monkey!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"he has to get used to me in small doses
i'm like a deep and delicious cake
all at once i can be a bit overwhelming/much...but take small bites, and it's soooo good" ~ My dearest friend Maia. Man, how she makes me laugh!

So I FINALLY figured out how to put stupid links on this thing! *applause* Keep your eye's open there will be more soon!

.a bitter sweet taste resides.

. at the moment I'm totally overwhelmed by emotions tied to Capernwray. I had an AMAZING time of hanging out with 5 AMAZING people that I met at Cape. Sarah C, Leslie (both traveling across this great country of ours...well...that is those who read this that are canadian), Sarah Sitton ( came up from wash.), Janice (who now resides back in BC!), Brent (so glad that kid is going to my school...Columbia Bible College for those who dont know) and myself strolled down the seawall in Stanley Park. I was almost speachless, 5 random people who I shared 6 months of my life in England are now walking in my "real" world. So out of countrol, to steal a lovely phrase from Ally. We then went from there to a crazy "hole in the wall" restaurant for all day breakfast (only 2.95!) and then went to Janice's apartment to watch Anchorman. to read this, it may not seem special but for those who are from Cape. you know how special these times outside of Cape are. It was the things in between what we did that really made it so special, like Leslie and Brent making up random songs about going to Stanley park and hell (dont ask it was improved!) or peaches, laughing so hard my face hurt, talking in a lisp, learning where people were at spiritual, reconnecting with people who at one time were always just in the next room who are now perhaps not even in the next country, deepening those bonds that begun one year ago. it was hard to say good bye to leslie and sarah again, I don't know when i'll see them again and I won't lie, this plan ol' sucks. and this is my bitter sweet taste. good times then and now collide to leave me with the unforgivable truth that time keeps on ticking and the future doesnt' always wait for the past to catch up.


I'm signin' off ...i'm sleepy, till next time!