Thursday, December 13, 2007

.as Christians we cheapen God.

.... upon reading that, it may seem like a harsh statmen however after talking to my roomate about some friends, and the difference she's noticed between SOME Christians and those who don't claim to know God I began thinking.

At times I think we bring God into things, prayer especially, as a sweet coating to cover over scars and issues, to seem like we care yet it is only to "deal" with it. we may even have the best intentions to pray for people when they ask or to pray for them when we hear about crappy situations. And dont get me wrong prayer is essential and beautiful and a deep connection with the Lord. However we throw the thought of it out there with little meaning. We cheapen God by bringing him into things without meaning it.

i think at times, we may not know how to deal with something, or how to react, so we throw out the I'll pray for you and then jet. man alive prayer is key! BUT we are called to be Christ to the hurting. Christ never used prayer as an escape goat! we may not have all the answers, we may have nothing to say but for crying in the soup kitchen lets not use prayer to get us out of genuinly caring for people! i'm' not saying this is what we're always doing when we say we'll pray for you. it's not. YET lets be so intentional about praying with people right then and there, for genuinly praying out of care and love for that person, pray because it is all you can think of to do but not because you dont know what else to say!

also i think we should follow up, if we pray for someone, ask how they are doing, a couple of days later, a week, a month later!!

anyways thanks for reading my mini-rant/ thought's more for myself I suppose. I no longer want to cheapen our Lord.

Monday, December 10, 2007

i ... want....

..... this one actaully, seriously I think i was suppose to be

in this musical...
and no it's not JUST so I could dance and sing with someone such as this...
... i'm being vulnerable with you here... I REALLY REALLY love to sing and dance and musicals are seriously so rad to me. Oooh one day my dream will come true ONE DAY!
who's who behind the do!??! MEGAN HAZELTON!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Whilst having a conversation with a friend they asked me where Capernwray Hall was and I proceded to describe where it was .... which led me to think of Carnforth which ultimatley made me think of the Carnforth bookshop! My favorite bookshop in the world. SO I googled it and found it!!!

"About the book
storeCarnforth Bookshop was established in 1977 and today it has over 100,000 Second Hand and Antiquarian books situated in 14 rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The bookstore also buys books and book collections. If you are unable to find a desired book in the shop, the staff can provide a no obligation, free book search service. Carnforth bookshop also has an extensive selection of new books (located on the ground floor), they also stock a wide range of cards, gifts, toys, art materials and stationery. "

This is not the bookstore but the carnforth train station. the first place I was at in carnforth. After a long day of traveling by myself from Vancouver Canada, to Heathrow London, to Gatwick Manchester then finally to Carnforth!! Seriously I remeber being soo nervous at the station, struggling to get out a 25pence coin to let the school know i had arrived. You see I was late getting to school..but that's another story... so there outside the station I awaited my ride. .. which again is another story involving cars on the wrong side of the road, a crazy swedish driver and my first driving experience in englad. NEAR DEATH.

Oh the strip! I can just smell carnforth air...and the smell of all the shops, the feel of the streets...AHHH i miss it!

I purchased a complete works of Shakespeare in the Carnforth was from 1898 or something crazy like that. It's beautiful!
Well perhaps one day in the near future I will be back in good ol' Carnforth

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Meet Me in St. Louis"

In 2.5 hours *2am* I'll be bording a bus, along with some fellow CBC youth work majors, driving 2 hours to get to Seatle then flying to Chicago O'hare Int. then bording another plan to reach St. Louis at somepoint tomorrow afternoon.

I've never been to Missouri! I'm excited to scratch another state off my list. One day I'd like to have been to them all!

Why am I going you may be asking. To see this of course......

Just kiddin'! Although I'm sure I'll see it that isn't why we're going.

We will be attending the National Youth Specialties Youth Conference thingy!

Where thousands of youth pastors and youth workers get together and have a party. There are a ton of speakers and seminars, concerts etc! It's our time to be the youth....

Here are some quick facts about St. Louis for you:

  • The custom of placing chocolate on hotel pillows began here when the actor Cary Grant used chocolate for wooing purposes at the Mayfair Hotel downtown.

  • The St. Louis Cardinals have won more world championships than any other National League team.

  • The first successful parachute jump to be made from a moving airplane was made by Captain Berry at St. Louis, in 1912 **note "successful**

  • The state animal is the Mule.

  • The tallest man in documented medical history was Robert Pershing Wadlow from St. Louis. He was 8 feet, 11.1 inches tall

Monday, October 29, 2007

new love.

I have a new love in my life. it does not live in one person. it does not reside in one cabin. it is camp luther. the whole of it. from the ecentric staff to the messy staff room. i love it all.

this pic was taken at boofest *the fall retreat that was just held over the weekend* it was such a blast. i love this pciture because it is so random! and we all know...random. random is my favorite.

Monday, October 22, 2007

haha the rant below was not brought on by this lovely couple. i could not be more happy for a couple. they are amazing adn i love them both muchly! AND their wedding was out of control awesome!
ok. is it just me or is everyone and their dog hookin' up!!

seriously, bible college is disasterous for copious amounts of relationships beginning...i've been around long enough to know this. BUT it seems that in my final years the number or relationships, engagements and marriages is rising at an alarming rate!!.

and I feel it is time for me to pose the freakin' question....

where the flip is my bling bling?!?! hmm?? hahaha... *sigh*

.tonight some dude said i was intriguing.

.i should be studying for an exam i have tomorrow.

.i should also be devoting some time to the Lord.

.my mom bought me really cute knit slippers with wooden buttons then hid it in my laundry so i found it when i got home.

.work is almost harder the less you do it.

.i'm stiff from dancing so much at my friends wedding.

.Ryan and Robyns wedding was amazing and everyone had a rad time.

.Amy went home today.

.i bought a douglas coupland book for $3 bucks at VVboutique.

.i'm a book snob and dont like used ones...however this one was in perfect condition.

.k i'm done.

.random. random is my favorite.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

yesterday in my youth issues class I had a birthday.

I turned to ask renee for a piece of gum and when she gave it to me she said "happy birthday" then from the other side kendra in a loud voice was like "Megan it's your birthday?" then matt was like " oh happy birthday megan!" at this point mike *who had seen the interaction between renee* started singing happy birthday pretty soon the whole class joined in! by this point i was laughing histarically at the situation and after the song was done my proff who had been talking to a tech. guy *silly computer issues* turned to me and was like "megan, it's yoru birthday!" ... and I just lost it.

good times. good times.

Monday, October 01, 2007

a framework of fragility begins to settle in your desperate soul
the aching you are experiencing is called just that.
you battle experience
who asked it to tresspass anyways.

a silent story begins to etch itself on you reactions
a subtlety becomes boisterous
this frame.
this experience.
not allowed to blossom creates havoc in the cramped courters

it will escape

Friday, September 14, 2007

.a place to call my own.

i'm MOVING! woo woo, for the first time in my 23 years, i'll be officially on my own, with a roomate of course!

it happened sort of quickly. ok well I had been thinking about it for a while but was waiting on one crutial ingredient that came through last night!! SOOooo I called my friend Carly let her know she had a roomate and then BAM i move tomorrow. SOoo in the few hours i've been home...after an 8 hour shift then a three hour class *both graciously shortened* I've been trying to pack up my room. MAN It's HARD. i can't choose which books to take but really shouldnt' take them all. i can't decide to put the candles in the box or the bag. Ahhh hahahah i'm so excited though.

I will be moving 25 min from my house, into abbotsford. RIGHT beside my school. the school actually rents out some of the apartments as sr. housing! This is a total answer to prayer, seeing as it's my last year i've wanted to be able to be a big part of the community and build into it and such. and i even have some what of a position as a commuter assistant so it will be nice to be able to spend more time on campus and less time driving! WOO WOO. i'm still working in langley can't cut that out...but YAY!

anyways it's 1:30 am...i'm gonna stare at my stuff for another half an hour before i decide to sleep....IT MOVE DAY TOMORROW! WOO WOO!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

whenever i decide to write on here i'm either tired, or reflective or super hyper. can you guess which one it is?

i'm really excited about this upcoming semester. it's my second to last one at good ol' CBC. One of the main reason for the excitment is that I know what i'm going to graduate with, i had been struggling with what to graduate with and finalized with a BA in youth work. Throughout the summer God really solidified that youth work is something that I'm passionate about and desire to be a part of more than on a volunteer basis. it was a hard summer but I dont know if i would have learned what i had if it had turned out as I wanted it to. The Lord is so good like that.
i'm also looking forward to being more involved on campus and with the school community, seeing as it is my last year i really want to pour into it.

besides school...i'm back at work. woo. yeah.

I won't be helping out wiht youth on tuesdays because i have a class but hopefully will be more involved in other ways. thats a we'll ahve to wait and see type deal.

well that was a quick recap of what's up with me at this point.

if you said tired. you are right.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wow. summer is gone.

WEll it's been a rollercoaster of a freakin' summer and it's over.

if you would have asked me two weeks ago if i were ready for it to be over and i would have said HECK YES.

but now...well i'm not too sure! haha. I went to camp luther for two weeks to work and i absolutly loved it. soo rad. such an amazing ministry and rad people.

...well i was going to write a big fat catch up blog. . . nah ..........

hope all is well with whoever stumbles upon this!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

a force within draws you out
a plauge inside demands an exit
a watchful eye turns your sight black
what occurs in your thoughts must never escape.

a tunnel has been forged to the outer rim. what lies beyond is unfathamable only because it has yet to be scratched by your iris. overcome not with joy or anguish but by apathy you slip onto the deck of the future. no time to rest for time does not exist. no pain to withstand because pain has been extinguished with numbness.

HUH! that makes sound depressed. i'm not at all! . I just got back from Rouch Acres a camp that we take our youth up every year and we are the counselors and support staff. this year as well as last we did a boys camp so our guys were the cabin leaders and us girls washed dishes, led activities and scrubbed toilets! It was honestly amazing. God once more proved his faithfullness and awesome power. To be honest when i first got there I did not want to be there...and it seems taht was the general consent. however The lLord was there in a powerful way and as soon as the campers got there, everyone bonded together and worked as a team and were ready to be used by the Lord and to glorify him! it was so amazing to be a part of and to witness some of my youth to really grasp what it means to be a servant of the Lord. and for some to even know what it means to follow Him and to obey. One of our girls shared her sotry for the first time in front of people. it was amazing. She has only been a Christian for 2 months and it was truly a blessing to hear her and wacth the Lord work through and in her during the week! and to see our guys serve so selflessly at such a young age was awesome! a true testament to there faith in the Lord.
I miss the camp already so much, it was incredible. Camp is an interesting ministry you build into these kids lives for a week then you have to say goodbye. i wish these boys were in my youth group, a part of our team so that we could build them up and be there to walk alongside of them, however they are not yet we can continue to pray for them and support them in other ways. they were awesome kids and I really enjoyed hanging out with them.
anyways yeah, camp was amazing.
on sunday I'm leaving to go to camp luther , this time i'll be on my own, joining a staff team that has been together all summer. I'll be there for 2 weeks and am excited / nervous, because i haven't counseled in over three years, and really dont have a ton of experience but it will be sweet!

well cheers to the best week of the summer!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Harry Potter has taken over my life.

It seems that as of late i've been living and breathing harry potter. Between re-reading the books, waiting and watching the fifth movie, preparing for book seven, doing crafts at work, thinking of ways to make the potter party better, discussing harry potter and creating a hermoine costume. I bought a Ron Weasly action figure to glue on my dashboard and rented a movie because Rupert Gint *ron* was in it. Basically my life has become potterfied. It's bad. SO tonight after waiting in line for three hours to see the movie, and spending the rest of the day getting costume stuff and talking about it...i decided i need to scale it back a bit. it's not like i belive it is all real or that I am doing anything bad. it's just simply taking too much of my life. it could be said for many things in life...and at this time it is harry potter.

I'm not going to lie, i love harry potter, the books, and the movies and think there is nothing wrong with them as long as you use them as entertainment, i know however that for some people it is not worth having it in their lives. I will continue to watch the movies. read the books *only 9 more days* And keep in mind that in just over two weeks, i'll have read the final book, and will no longer be surrounded by it all constantly. but for the next two weeks i must make sure that I am spending time with the Lord, that before I read or watch the movies I spend time in prayer and reading God's word. were strengh and true joy comes from.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

. as if i were a small child wearing flowered leggin's.
.my feet long for adventures.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

well the month since school has been out has been...interseting to say the least. it's been challenging yet good. a blessing yet a pain in the butt. It mostly pertains to summer plans. see i never really "plan" things they just happen and i love it that way. yet i tried to plan this summer and of course....*suprise* it didn't pan through. sooooooooo no biggy really i'm stoked to see what God has in store for the summer now, what opportunities await...experiences... hmmm i wonder. other news. i've decided that i'm going to marry a musician. deal? DEAL.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Main thoughts of the week:
- the church didnt' get a government grant. meaning no internship/job for megan.
- its' ok because i'll just work at chapters, and camp this summer...make no money and go to Disneyland in august.
- i'll do my internship next year, and also have to work, bring on the busyness i love so much.
- honest i'm ok with it. it'll work out. no point being bitter.
Main thoughts/activities of the day:
- worked, not bad if i have energy...i'm becoming a pro at busy/slacker mode...
- went for coffee with some stellar youth girls after work, hahaha i'm getting old.
- went for coffee with Ben - dont want him to move to vic
- it's good hearing other perspectives when you trust them, even if you dont fully agree.
- went late night longboarding with janny, and the maiers - conquering fears is good
- a gentle reminder of how amazing my friends are.
- started listening to pedro the lion, finally, why have i never before?!

Random pics from Portland:

Monday, May 14, 2007

i heart portland...

...because it has so many dear people!

SOooooo, It's been a very long time since i've posted anything ...or anything quasi substantial. so i'll have to ease myself back into it...

this weekend i drove to portland on thursday *five hours not too shabby* and drove home on sunday. Honest I didnt' stop all weekend but it was amazing.

Friends from Cape i got to hang out with and love: Alison, Meredith, Pammy, Josh, Danny and Evan!!!!!! It was so awesome to see these guys, at times i'd just stop and stare at them at soak in how truly amazing they are. Honest.

Got to hang out with Jared, Kyle and Justin!! The american boys who came up with Ev for there spring break. Chivilary truly lives on through them! Met a ton of cool new people...oregon is full of Desiree and kelly!

ack. i was going to tell you all about my adventure but i'm really tired and it would take too long but trust me when i saw it was wonderful! perhaps i'll fill ya in later.

awe, maybe i'll drive down again this weekend haha.

OH OH i own a longboard now! woo woo..*chugga chugga*

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i know i haven't posted in a while. but soon. i have a "crush" on a waiter at this restaurant.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm listening with my mouth!

i had a plethera of things to say but no longer feel like writing them so i wont.

current mood: happeniss covered in MEH

currently listening to: Emery - the question

currently avoiding: feminist hermeneutics paper

current waiting for: cast party to begin

currently feeling: naucious

current sitting: in the bear cat lounge at school

currently drinking: water

current temperature: really warm...

currently wishing: that a fairy would come do my work!!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

the american invasion and life

I had the most remarkable weekend, truly did, it was like I was on vacation but I never left. I could write out pages of funny stories, crazy adventures, great talks, silly sayings, and all around good times! But it's late and i'm really tired. Why did i have a fantastic weekend? well...

Evan came up with three of his buddies from Multnomah, Justin, Kyle and Jared and stayed for five days. These guys were some of the most random, amazing, uniquly awesome people! Serious i wish you all had the chance to meet and hang out with them.

I enjoyed seriously every moment i spent with these guys, and it was nice to actually spend time with my friends from home as well! I did not get any homework done which leaves me a tad behind schedule *understatement? yes.* but it was worth it.

I'll post more pics later...

It's sort of odd though, how fast you can get used to having someone around all the time, like they would be here when I woke up, went to sleep, got home from school or work...and now they aren't and I miss it. BAH HA ...

IN OTHER NEWS. JANNY is home and man alive I'm sooo glad she is. I've missed her sooo much!! It's been sweet i've seen her a ton since she's been back i love it and her!!!

I feel that at this moment i'm sort of sitting on a hill of emotions and issues that perhaps aren't all mine.. for the past month if not longer i've had a desire to cry, you know one of those exausting wails?!? yet haven't and it's not necessarily for me even. yeah i know it sounds odd But in that I feel that God is drawing me so close to him. I'ts amazing to know his voice, *not audible* and see his work in lives around me and in mine. Yeah, exciting stuff, exausting stuff... i sometimes feel as though i'm not dealing with my own issues...because everyone has them right?! but yes. hahah this is when i should stop typing and go to bed. or finish my paper.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

the mind of megan eh!?

...maia nailed it *circus music* is all I hear.

Hmmm, well there has been a lot going on in my noggin'.

The past week has been good.

The play is going really well so far. We've had two nights and one more to go. It's been a long journey to finally putting this bad boy up, one of the most difficult ones i've worked on. First off I'm playing a new role for me, I dont play the funny one, the main one, or the most energetic one...yet it's good. Really though the hardest part has been just getting to the point where it could go up. there is so much to a production that for people who've never really been a part of have no idea, it takes a crap load of energy, time and work. We had major scheduling issues with the team and didn't actually do full runs very much before going up. It's been yeah...hard and frustrating at times, yet it's been sweet to continually be reminded that this is for God and for his glory and to leave it at that. So yes... I'm glad I am a part of it...

I feel that I haven't really seen my friends for a while...which is true haha, but i was able to have sushi with maia today which was nice. . . soon though I'll have more time. It's been good though seeing people at the play who I haven't seen for a while at school, nice to catch up with them.

Well I'm sort of just rambling now and i should go...gotta get ready to go more! EEEPppp. haha I love that I still get a wee me energy!

Friday, March 16, 2007

9 am practice, a funeral, a wedding, vancouver & dinner at the Naam.

My day was full of a plethera of emotions and an awray of activities.

awake. it's 8:15 and I have to leave in 15 min. to be at rehearsal for 9.

9:00 begin setting stage

9:30 We did a dress rehearsal, went through the play once and did a que to que once. emotional rollercoaster numero one. it's a pretty draining play, but good. finish time 1:30

1:45 arive at seven oaks church to attend a funeral of an individual i've never met. Pastoral Practices class requires i attend a memorial service.

1:47 realize that there is in fact NO balcony for me to hide in but only a very small room that is rapidly fillin! for 20 minutes i'm the only person under the age of 60...someone is bound to notice i dont belong.

1:55 while trying to be stealth by grabing a chair and placing it at the back of the room hit hanging light and cause a ruckus...oops!

2:05 family enters, three younger people are present. 2:45 *ish* service ends. i book it to starbucks.

2:55 order a venti London Fog *comes to haunt me later*

3:05 arrive back at school and chill out for an hour before picking up a fellow Pastrol Practices Buddy and head to a wedding ceremont *yet another requirment*

4:20 firmly plant tush in a pew on the balcony and begin making witty comments on decor and the fact we know the people so well...all in a joking matter seeing as we have no idea who these people are.....

4: 35 realize that i was mistaken! I do in fact have an idea of who these people are because the groomsman is marrying my friends cousin in 2 weeks!! CRAZY!

4:50 get heavily distracted by the pigeons cooing on the window cile...sile...the window ...*ahem*

5: 10 make a quick get away and take buddy back to the school

5:35 arrive home *yes i sped* and changed then went to pick up maia!

6:00 leave maia's house and pretty much talk non stop till i get a phone call from evan! YAY he's coming to stay with me *along with three of his buddies* for 5 days in a couple of weeks! woo woo.....then talk talk, laugh, talk..

7:15 Maia and I arrive at the Naam and enjoy great atmosphere, food and company!! Talk talk talk YAY I LOVE YOU MAIA!!!!! Have a blast....

8:40 park further down 4th and walk, talk, laugh, "iseeyouknowhim" heh heh, talk, walk, pee. *oh i forgot the venti tea came back to haunt me...causing me to PEE every hour!..ok not too far from the norm but still!*

9:00 find the cutest pairs of shoes... BUT we held off! good on us!

9:15 wait forever for the starbucks washrooom DANG i had to GO!!!

10:00 begin the drive home, talk, listen to imogen heap and mika, laugh, talk, sing, talk...

11:51 here i sit. my day = full. but good. story of my life. I'm glad that i could do what i wanted tonight and spend it with maia! woo woo.... back into van tomorrow...

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Can you believe it Baby D is three!!!!! Man alive, fiestier than ever and cuter by the moment! We all gathered on saturday *praise be that I had booked it off of work* to celebrate her birth. Man, I really love my family and miss them lots. Today I called my mom to talk to her about a youth event and she was like "oh how are you doing?!" and I was like "Eeeep sorry I can't talk mom!" ...see I live with her, yet i'm never home thus i never see her. I have to phone her to talk to her. hahaha oh dear.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Friends like this... don't see everyday but it feels like it. I went to school with Julia, Zane and Juliana. I loved them they were my support at school. However since first year I see them very seldomly but when we do hang out it's like no time has passed, and I love it. Last week I took a night to go and spend with them. We ate, chatted and played a brilliant game of "heart throb" *the boys played nintendo*. Since first year a lot of things have been added in their lives, Juliana married Spence, Julia and Zane married eachother and now have little Oscar who is perfectly adorable and perfect mix of them.

I'm still afloat, dont worry. I'm hanging in there, be patient. I'm doing my best here, wait for me.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shows = great joy for Megan.

Last week I went to Switchfoot for I'd say the 6th or 7th time, and you like myself probably asked WHY?! why would I see them that many times, well let me tell you I discovered why during the show, they flippin' put on an awesome show! PLUS any chance I get to rock out is good!

Then this week I got to go to SNOWPATROL in seattle! My dear friends Maia and Dan shared this sweeeeet experience with me! We drove down and spent the day in Seattle and I've come to the conclusion any city can be cool if you are with the right people. The most fun i had was just hanging out in a starbucks with them joking around and playing the wave game *i won ;) * Pikes Place market was a huge let down for me...sad but true, we had no desire to purchase a fish and all i wanted to see was a stupid large fish be thrown from one guy to another! We bummed around until the show started at 7:30 then it was go time! Ok, so we had just purchased the tickets a week before so we were in the stands, which was a new experience for me but it was actually pretty sweet to see the whole stage and everything going on! I usually am on the floor and dance around all crazy like. However a huge issue for us were was the lack of enthusiasm from the other people in our area! no one was standing! We sat through the opening bands, Silver Sun Pick UP and OK was hard, i definatly flawed in my seat mind you. AND then when SP finally started we moved to a less busy section straight in front of the stage and immediatly began to jump and sing and dance. *sigh* it was awesome. Once again I find myself having a weakness for boys with accents, especially ones who can sing! They played all my favs and gave me some new ones. They played 4 songs for the encore which was sweet because for a minute there i didnt' think they were going to come back on! Anyways it was all too exciting and it left me singing and dancing along Seattle streets back to Dans car. But honestly I dont think people in Seattle were ever shown the freedom of rockin out at shows! the floor even looked a tad...dull! Well, all that matters is I had a wonderful time and can't wait to see them are some random pics of the day.

Next week .... John Reuben in Bellingham.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

there has been an update request... here is a wildmind *continuous stream of thoughts*....

My day, a lot of time alone, in a car. drove to ladner really anticipating hearing dan preach when alas i discover my directions from map quest are not to the right location. stupid late nights watching movies by myself. stupid me for not remebering how to get to ladner trunk rd! I search the area for a high school...stupid me forgot my cell phone, the sschool name and dan's direactions!! find an elementary church service there! Drive around wondering what to do? go home? stop at a gas station ask if there is any high schools in the ladner area!?! I settle on driving into ladner baptists churchs parking lot. get out and attend a service by myself. i sit up in the balcony because there is no room below. a man hands me a friendship card, welcome, write your info, we'll get in touch with you type thing. i quickly scroll that my name and the fact that i got lost looking for my friends church and pray a blessing on their church family. watch and laugh along with the family at a video announcement of a womans slumber party at the church, laugh with the family as the guy up front gets confused on the order of the service and smile at the feeling of true family that is illuminating the room. frown inwardly as the worship pastor appaulogizes for the guy and says usually this doesn't happen and that the service is should be seamless or perfect but allow for times such as this for raw emotions, even joy to shine through! he expressed about now he's getting into what church is about and read a is about joy and laughter and family buddy! dispite this inward dislike for the directors remarks i enjoyed the service, the talk on david in the cave, psalm 142 it think it was. and how it starts with Dave calling shouting and telling his heart's aches to God almost as an sos cry then it switches into a personal conversation as David uses the word YOU before Lord. it was pretty sweet...funny speaker, a guest. speaking of guest it seems that everytime i'm not at my home church someone besides Ken preachs! Eryn did today, he's not a guest but rarely preaches, not that i dont like kens talks but honest it's nice to hear different views and such... so i missed eryn and dan! I"M SORRY DAN IF YOU READ THIS. i really wanted to be there, it was lame and i felt crappy cuz i was all the way out there! SO CLOSE!!!!!!! it was probably like one road beyond where i was or soemthing lame like that but anyways. i drove home, alone with the lame radio stations, got home called my bro and left immediatly back up into langley so that he could but my cd player in my car, hung out with sierra, played perfection...not a perfect game, opperation shrek style and littlisst pet shop. i did different accents and voices for each pet i was so funny listening to sierra try to do that too! ate speghetti and garlic bread, talked with my bro and sis in law. drove home alone but this time with the company of great music! it's good to have my tunes back in my car instead of beonce or silence, although that silence was golden like the oldies at times, i prayed a lot more because the radio tunes sucked... i'll have to remind myself to shut off the tunage for a while and pray now....arg i'm stopping i'm really tired, it feels like it's one in the morning but it's just after 10. love and frogs.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

ho ho! and another...

So... i'll be honest and admit i got a facebook..sick I know, too many flippin' web communities. BUT it's actually been cool to reconnect*as much as you can* with some people I hadn't heard from in a LONG time...anyways I came across this picture in I think Jenna's photos....hahaha I had never seen this picture or thought about this memory since cape. But it was at a restaurant in Edinburgh. LOVE IT!!! HAHA man i wish i could have dinner with these gals right now and yes we would try to touch our tongues to our nose again...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

i look scary...

hahaha this was taken at a crocodile farm or wait no no the monkey farm in The Gambia... i look very scary...i can't believe that was almost 2 years ago!!!! i just saw this picture for the first time on a dear ones facebook and thought i'd share. . .

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Today was just one of those days...ya know, where you feel SO tired, and for some reason there is a grey cloud peeing in your honeycombs! I came home after school today exausted and wanting nothing but solitude. I sat around for a while, ate stuff, wasted time and concluded i wasnt' going to go to a V-day party at my I go upstairs at like five to eight with Billy *laptop* and was about to open it up and begin my homework when all of a sudden BAM I think I have to get out of the house..i have to go to this party!
I'm soooo glad i did! It was a complete and utter gong show! IT was a pirate V-day party and it was aweome. I only knew like 6 or so people there, but that was awesome! I had a blast ... met lots of new people, scared lots of people, and danced and laughed like there was no tomorrow. I was only able to take a few pics of those i know but man there are some odd pics of me out there on random peoples cameras! hahaha Maia wins the award of my crazy other half hands down...hahaha CHEERS to the loud ones inthe kitchen! oh many funny elements like: a random candy fight with swords and all, flinging chocolate stuff, pirate dancing, Rysu dancing and singing to "irreplacable" man alive..i'm tired i should go to bed.
but yes. this one goes out to all the pirates of the world Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr