Friday, September 30, 2005

I was feeling Refreshed!...up to 15 min ago..

HI FOLKS! PHEWY! it's been an exciting few weeks around my neck of the woods! A couple of "things" that stick out

NEW JOB(S): I went out looking for a job one fine thursday and applied to a bunch of places including Chapters *ok my american friends, its a large bookstore like Barns and Noble type thing!* and I really wanted to work there, alas the last place I stopped, only because the hiring now sign was huge, was Quizno's. I dropped of my resume and the manager pretty much hired me on the spot and I started that night! So I was like well, this will do for now but I really don't want to work in the food industry. the next week i got a phone call from chapters! I had a group interview...then a couple days later an interview with the general manager! THEN YOU GOT IT A JOB! So I phoned Q's and thanked them for the opportunity but that it just wasn't my thing, they totally understood and I am now a proud employee of Chapters! I've had my training and I started 7 in the morning... hahaha if you know me at all you know I dont do mornings ...but there ya go I did today! I usually will work on the floor...meaning I help people find stuff! YAY.

POOPY INCIDENT *litterly*: I was babysitting my niece and nephews. Riley and Isaac were outside playing and Ella was napping *mmm nap...* I was just thinking how Ella had been sleeping for quite a while when I heard her just giggling and talking to herself * she has her own language...seriously you can't understand her! haha* So I went upstair opened her bedroom door and " WHAT THE?! WHAT ?! OH MAN!!!!" ...ok some explanation required. Aparantly Ella had been up for a while and was bored. She also had pooped her pants....use your imagination. THERE WAS POO EVERYWHERE. when i saw everywhere people...i mean EVERYWHERE. ELLA, Covered. Cribe, covered. wall...oh yes my friends she put it on the wall. It was all over her blankets, herself and even a few toys that where in her crib. I panicked, I began pacing the room like a lost person. I grabbed a whipe and began to clean her, but after a few moments of that I realized that it was just to big of a mess. So i plucked her ever so gingerly out of her grib and ran her to the bathroom. . . after two baths Ella was clean. After an hour of cleaning and gagging her room was clean. Seriously though folks, you may have heard about these freak artistic moments kids get but dang...nothing could prepare you for the real thing!


...I think I shall go for now...tune in next time...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I need a wee kip!

Wow, the past couple of days I have not been getting enough sleep. For real I think I need like atleast 9 hours a night or I'm wasted the next day! Yesterday was sweet, I went to my 8 oclock class *I KNOW! SO EARLY!* good ol' english composition...survided it then went to my philosophy of worship class, can I just say I think I'm a fan of this class. I think it's going to be totally interesting. Yesterday was the first class and the prof. put up this adertisment for this "best worship kit possible" type thing, I can't remeber what it was called, but it basically was cheapining worship. I said it was like they were evaluating worship with a human perspective. It was a pretty interesting mini discussion anyway. Then i spent like three hours in the collegium, it was sweet. I'm a host and I'm pretty sure I scared a couple first years! BAH HA. yeah needless to say I got a little energized. It was sweet though cuz I got to chill with Jon and then Brent! I'm so glad that kid goes to CBC!!...cept it always reminds me of Cape. then I miss everyone. ok maybe not EVERYONE because I really didn't know everyone...but yet they made up the body that we were. ANYWAYS. On my way home I stoped and talked to Jay about youth stuff and ended up just talking about church and the Word, he's a wise guy and I enjoy talking to him, then I had home group. I love talking about being a Christian and what that looks like and what I believe and voicing concerns and questions. I'm learning not to fear questions that I have about God, the Word and the Spirit, but embrace them and figure them out. well, I think i'm gonna have a nap, I worked at the preschool today...I used scissors a's a tiring job! hahaha

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The random monkeys fly at noon!

So, I just posted a post that I wrote like Aug. 31 but never posted...get it. And now I wish to write another. I shall do it in point form....* holla to Tiff for saying I should update*

Things that have made me smile in the last couple of weeks:

  • Watching my bro get married
  • getting my glasses flattened in a TFK mash pit
  • watching a dude full out land on the ground in a TFK mash pit...really it was funny, he bounced right back up, it was like straight from a movie!
  • talking to people I've dearly missed on messenger
  • reminiscing about my times in Africa and England
  • little kids running around during our outdoor church service
  • finding out I'm going to be an aunty again (Kev and Erika's 6th niece or nephew!)
  • reuniting with people at CBC
  • running into BRENT POTTER at CBC
  • having a huge girl talk while camping
  • knocking something off my always wanted to do involved water and a lack of swim wear *don't think less of me you know you've always wanted to do it....and no worries it was definatly NOT in mixed company, c'mon now! haha*
  • getting hyper at random times
  • being stretched in my faith by talking to JW's and working through some stuff this brought up with a dear friend
  • knowing that God is the only constant and firm foundation.
  • goofing off with friends
  • making my own bean burrito, with far too much refried beans
  • lookin' like a pop star BAH HA... there has been soo much I can't remeber half of it for real...smiling and laughing is awesome, not everything brings a smile to my face though but that's ok, life isnt' always good but God is.

I feel as though i'm in a calm before the storm, waiting for stuff to begin and take me off in a whirlwind of activities, appointments, classes, meetings, schedules! I honestly can't wait for it to get here though. Im ready. Bring on the classes *i'm only taking two this semester* bring on volleyball *i'm joined the church league hahaha*, sunday school, alpha, work, youth...i'm ready! I'm stoked! woo woo ....hahahaha alright alright i'm going i'm going...