Thursday, July 12, 2007


Harry Potter has taken over my life.

It seems that as of late i've been living and breathing harry potter. Between re-reading the books, waiting and watching the fifth movie, preparing for book seven, doing crafts at work, thinking of ways to make the potter party better, discussing harry potter and creating a hermoine costume. I bought a Ron Weasly action figure to glue on my dashboard and rented a movie because Rupert Gint *ron* was in it. Basically my life has become potterfied. It's bad. SO tonight after waiting in line for three hours to see the movie, and spending the rest of the day getting costume stuff and talking about it...i decided i need to scale it back a bit. it's not like i belive it is all real or that I am doing anything bad. it's just simply taking too much of my life. it could be said for many things in life...and at this time it is harry potter.

I'm not going to lie, i love harry potter, the books, and the movies and think there is nothing wrong with them as long as you use them as entertainment, i know however that for some people it is not worth having it in their lives. I will continue to watch the movies. read the books *only 9 more days* And keep in mind that in just over two weeks, i'll have read the final book, and will no longer be surrounded by it all constantly. but for the next two weeks i must make sure that I am spending time with the Lord, that before I read or watch the movies I spend time in prayer and reading God's word. were strengh and true joy comes from.