Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Hey kidlits,

So I had an unfortunate hiatis from the land of the w.w.w. because last weekend my computer just packed it in, yep it said heck I've had enough of this abuse I'm taking a grand ol trip to piece of crap land, and let me tell you my friends it must have enjoyed it's stay there because it didn't come back. Ah well, to be honest I missed it, for a solid week I did, but now here I sit infront of my 17in plasma screen ...and all thoughts of yesterday seem to have vanished. It's good to be connected again. Sad really, I didn't have access to the internet for like a week and a half and yet I felt a loss. LAME. But like I said, I'm back. I missed you all. *sniff*sniff*
Oh OH, so with the newbe computer it came with one of those crazy movie maker programs and it's so fun adn easy! I made a short movie *that I deleted* and it took me like five minutes but it entertained me to no end! I can see why Justin and Josh got soo hooked...move over boys there's a new kid in town!
This weekend was great, My friend Janelle and I went over to Victoria for teh weekend to visit with my best friend Amy. It was sweet we spent a huge part of the time totally reminiscing about hight school days and in that youth. Man I was soo blessed with my youth days, they were amazing and I am soo thankful for all the amazing people in my life thus far. We had some seriously good times and just yeah it was awesome. I couldnt' help but smile while taking the bus to the ferry Sunday. My life would make a sweet moive, ok ok I may be the only one that would watch it but dang it would be sweet non the less.
Well, I should go, I plan to play around on here some more before heading to bed.
night night all my lovelys who read this.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I had a day off cuz I was sick...

...the only sucky thing was, I was sick. **this picture was taken the spring before capernwray I think, man, I should have played more croquet at school, I make it look good!**

Sunday, February 12, 2006

the moment.

two shows i try not to miss. if i do no biggy. but i don't like to. ok three. that's all i have time to watch and allow myself to stop the insanity and watch.
1. survivor *it just started two weeks ago. yes i am one of those people, but i wasn't always*
2. boston legal. if alan shore was young and cute i'd date him...oh yeah and if he was a real person
3. grey's anatomy. it's on right now. intense. why am i on here you ask then. well i seriously can't sit and watch. when the show is on ok maybe. but as soon as there is a commercial i have to do soemthing. i have lost the ability to sit and relax. i'm always anxious, i have too much to do. yet i dont do them. i sit here instead. but i can't sit.

well it's on again and it's a climax. gotta go. ahh commercial. ok this episode is acontinuation of last weel and oh boy it's a gooder.

my friend janelle came home from a 5 month wyam dts school and we picked her up last night...man it made me miss being out in the world. i miss you all. i really do.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Last week around this time...

...I wrote a freakin' good blog entry. I was so proud of it and it was beautiful and full of great incite. . . but alas I lost it while posting! LAME CORE! anywho, I was too sad to re-do it then and then and now I am too lazy! But it was good stuff about how I went to the starfield concert and how I had come to the conclusion that I was't meant for the 9-5 life and sure this was in there " a relentless expectation to meet with God". well that about does it cuz I have a buttload of work to do.....*sigh* i come home from work to do homework. hazah!