Friday, September 29, 2006

the m&m show...

My skull or yours?! *our car keys, thanks anne!*

Texting those who were not "picked"

We got lost! Where was our gate...what the ...could this be?!?!

Yep...we were in the right place! A place of season ticket holders and those who served us...

Hot diggity dog! what's a game without an overpriced snackeroni!?! and an over zealous....

WHALE?!...and guys with beer, and fathers with sons...

..What?! OH THE was that...AWESOME! A real "nail" bitter hahaha...who would win who!?!? US OF COURSE!!! It was intense. And what better way to celebrate than...

Skytrain Charades! *it's me scoring the winning goal!*

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank MAIA for making this magnificant night possible. As manty of you know I've never been to a "real" hockey game..I know...i know..but now I AM truly Canadian. It was truly a spectacular experience...anyone else want to take me to a sports game?!

And yes...the Gong did ring several times!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the M&M show at GM place

the golden ticket.

ok after several failed attempts to upload more pictures i'm spent...i'll try again tomorrow HA. but know this ...

..i got the golden ticket adn man oh man was it grrreeeaaat *tony the tiger style*

Thursday, September 21, 2006

i ACTUALLY get to sleep in tomorrow!! WHA!?!

So my life has been crazy, really like CRAZY. and i've had some ups. and. downs. HA like yesterday when I found out I really was a "lifer" at CBC...i have another full year not half a year after this one. BUT HEY "move along move along" Currently I'm SO tired, it's funny! haha. After 5ish hours of sleep I sauntered into my 8 am class then to Religious lit *LOVE IT* had a WEE nap. then had lunch with people who define the meaning of "gong show" *you know i love ya*. then went straight to an 8 hour shift at not quite barns and noble but chapters. by the end of my shift i was so tired i was hyper. THEN this could be the best part of my day I talked to a friend who is soo near and dear to my heart. honest. i would trade the whole day for a good convo with this one. and now here i be...tired as can be ....

K last weekend i fell in love with cape all over again, by hanging out with Alley, J-Rae and Joshy. *sigh* here is their model shot of the weekend. *i'll post random pics of our time together ...randomly haha*

Monday, September 18, 2006

coming soon...

an update of my life and my lovelies *yes i hung out with ally!*

Thursday, September 14, 2006

it's like a pencil with erasers on both ends

thank you Emery. at this very moment friends. i'm tired. I feel lame in saying this because every college student is busy...ok well not every student. I just would really like to sit and watch a movie without any guilt of "i have so much to do" or ooh I dont' have time I gotta go to work now. I don't say that to get pity. honestly. it's just where I'm at, at this particular moment in my day.

I miss my friends. I hear from them what they did. who they saw. or their plans for the weekend. Oh yeah?! sweet. i have to work. later? no, sorry. I know i sound pesimistic. i'm sorry. just tired. dang it i should be napping not typing! but really complaining is easier to do than try to fix what your complaining about! *i had a good discussion about this in my contemporary church class, its' actually a pet peeve of mine, especially when it comes to peoples complaints on the church! but alas that is another blog*

well kids i'm gonna go shower and go to work.

OH OH ray of funshine for me though...i DO get to hang out with some very lovely people this weekend, i booked saturday off so i could spend lots of time with...ALLY, JOSH and JANICE!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Excitement has no meaning to me. FEAR has replaced it.

I have tunnel vision...

OOh it seems merely days ago *oh wait it was*, in which I was excited about reading. Looking forward to wading through my text books and going back to classes. I knew it wouldnt' last. I've only had three of my 5 classes and already I'm freaked out of my gord! I have SO much reading its not even possible, sure i'm lacking in papers but MAN ALIVE, every class so far has reading journals due not to mention like 6 books for one class! I literally have anxiety pain over it! HA! I ususally dont' stress over school stuff, really, but I don't know.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

back to school...back to school.. prove to Dad I'm not a foul, I've got my lunch packed, my boots tied tight, i hope i don't get in a FIGHT OOOOOHHHHH....

that's right folks class is in session.

So far, I've had one class and honest I'm rather excited about it, it's a small class of 13 and it's on the Contemporary Church. Today I bought 10 books, and no lie I have to buy 6 more still! I'm gonna die, my retnas are gonna implode. That's what I get for taking two english classes and other classes in which the proffs seem to enjoy books emensly. Yet I still seem to be really excited about school...odd yes. Although I do have one dread...and that is walking up for my 8 oclock class. HONESTLY who puts OT theology at 8 in the freakin' morning! bah ha...ha...oooh.

OHOH last night, Kev was here with Dakota and about 2 minutes after they left I hear a knocking and it's Kev. "uhhh I have a slight problem...I looked the keys in my van and Dokota's inside!" ...hahahaha sure enough, I walk to the car and there is Baby D *she's 2 now* sitting almost falling asleep in her chair all buckled up ready to go. The good thing is he didnt' shut the door completely so the light remained on. Normally if you asked Dakota she would unbuckle herself, but alas she was incredibly tired and upon that request she merely started crying and asking "why daddy!" This was the only time I could stop laughing, poor little thing...anyways my bro managed to bend a coat hanger in this nifty formation that slide into the crack of the door and popped that bad boy open!

bon voyage!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

a tribute...

to my "new best friend" !!

I talked to this kid the other day, and he got me thinking of all you Capers. I miss it sometimes I really do.

ps. I loved this picture of Hitchmoe so much I had to post it!