Wednesday, September 06, 2006

back to school...back to school.. prove to Dad I'm not a foul, I've got my lunch packed, my boots tied tight, i hope i don't get in a FIGHT OOOOOHHHHH....

that's right folks class is in session.

So far, I've had one class and honest I'm rather excited about it, it's a small class of 13 and it's on the Contemporary Church. Today I bought 10 books, and no lie I have to buy 6 more still! I'm gonna die, my retnas are gonna implode. That's what I get for taking two english classes and other classes in which the proffs seem to enjoy books emensly. Yet I still seem to be really excited about school...odd yes. Although I do have one dread...and that is walking up for my 8 oclock class. HONESTLY who puts OT theology at 8 in the freakin' morning! bah ha...ha...oooh.

OHOH last night, Kev was here with Dakota and about 2 minutes after they left I hear a knocking and it's Kev. "uhhh I have a slight problem...I looked the keys in my van and Dokota's inside!" ...hahahaha sure enough, I walk to the car and there is Baby D *she's 2 now* sitting almost falling asleep in her chair all buckled up ready to go. The good thing is he didnt' shut the door completely so the light remained on. Normally if you asked Dakota she would unbuckle herself, but alas she was incredibly tired and upon that request she merely started crying and asking "why daddy!" This was the only time I could stop laughing, poor little thing...anyways my bro managed to bend a coat hanger in this nifty formation that slide into the crack of the door and popped that bad boy open!

bon voyage!


Flip Flops Anonymous said...
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Flip Flops Anonymous said... are going to have a fantastic year :) I am stoked to hear about everything that you are learning!! I am definitely going to keep you accountable to your reading and I am here to edit your papers ANYTIME (I love doing it!!). I look forward to many evenings spent in coffee shops or outside by the river reading with you :) Ahhh, it'll be beautious!!

Polythene Pam said...

I'm real glad you're excited about school. I am too. I like my classes a lot. Screw 8:00 classes though! I didn't have ANY morning classes this year and THEN my spanish teacher just HAD to suck enough for me to switch classes and the only one I could switch to was 8:00. Ug. I am NOT in the mood to speak spanish at 8:00. She doesn't even let us bring coffee to class!

dan said...

i once locked myself in the car all buckled up...tyson had to smash a window to get me out!

and i do hope you really enjoy school this year. i know i said i wouldn't, but i will write all your papers if the price is right;)