Sunday, January 29, 2006

AND THE WINNER IS..........*drum roll please*...

Well first off I'd like to thank the following people for being envolved in my Contest: Pammy, Schrek, Kayels(x2), Sarah, Lesles, J and Danny! I appriciate all the hard, back breaking work you put into this contest. The results are in, and well the winner is Non of you. Sorry. BUT you all get a special Cyber *smile* for your participation. The winner is James, yep thats right Hitchmoe helped me out with the lovely name that can now be seen on my blog! Props to James! Well shall we carry on with the crazy blogging adventure...I think so!

Ps. Chair dancing is the coolest!

Friday, January 20, 2006

...I need a title!

Ok so I've decided that I said I need a title, and I have creaters block SO here is where you lovely people come in! I'm going to set out a little contest here....who can create the "BEST" title for Megan's Blog.

....there are non just wanted to sound official

....uhhh ummm soonish!?.....

PRIZE FOR TITLE PICKED:, it's not "nothing" get the boasting rights of being "published" on my blog...AND a cyber hug from me!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

since my last post...

...I've turned 22~ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.............*phew* seriously though, it's CRAZY, now I feel that I'm solidified in the twentys ya know. ANYWHO since all y'all that read this are youngin's anyways you won't understand hahaha.......

...I've also come to the conclusion that I love Boston Legal. It's a great tv show, and the only show I've watched in a while cuz i've been sooo stinkin' busy. BUT that's a whole notha post i dont' want to get into but I will say this.......I've reached a point passed insanity with "time" that I've just given in and been like GOd make it good. And he has...oooooooh how I need HIm.

OH OH *i know this is random but hey its me right!?* I really like this song by Thrice...

"Stare At The Sun"
I sit here clutching useless lists
And keys for doors that don't exist
I crack my teeth on pearlsI tear into the history
Show me what it means to me in this world
Yeah in this world'Cause I am due for a miracle

I'm waiting for a sign
I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes
Till I understand or go blind

I see the parts but not the whole
I study saints and scholars both
No perfect plan unfurls
Do I trust my heart or just my mind
Why is truth so hard to find in this world
Yeah in this world

'Cause I am due for a miracleI'm waiting for a sign
I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes
Till I understand or go blind (till I understand or go blind)

I know that there's a point I've missed
A shrine or stone I haven't kissed
A scar that never graced my wrist
A mirror that hasn't met my fist
But I can't help feeling like I'm

Due for a miracleI'm waiting for a sign (waiting for a sign
)I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes (and I won't close my eyes)
Due for a miracleI'm waiting for a sign
I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sunday, January 08, 2006


OK So I just finished writting a blog entry *see below haha* and I was just reading through it and I found a couple random mistankes like conter instead of counter but MEH it's another not so random but well known fact spelling and grammer are not my strong points....but then I got to SIMPLE CANADA........I meant, SIMPLE PLAN..........BAH HA...sorry i think that's flippin' hilarious.....

Random facts on MMH...

I'm addicted to's true and yes I filled my quota for today.

Two of my favorite actors are Jim Carrey *O' canada* and Adam Sandler *in grade nine I wanted to marry him*

I think I have a slight case of ADD...which progressivly gets worse with age....

My pet pieve is toast know when put a piece of toast right on the conter after it's popped out of the toaster! ACK so sick hahaha...

I once had green hair....and wore a red shirt *what was i thinking!*

I've just taken my first loan out...*and so it begins*

I'm almost 22......FREAKY ... and I still think I'm 16...ok 6!

I sleep with the ducky my mom sent me when I was at Cape. Hall for easter...well it' probably spends more time on the floor...

I'm the queen of procrastination, ask the second term tower girls when my assignments would get done...

My all time dream is to be in a broadway musical

In music my guilty pleasures are Simple Canada *pop-punk canadian band* and FiFi Dobson *although to my credit I baught the CD on sale and haven't listened to it for a long time*

WELL Kids, that's all I have time for right now but I just want to you guys to know. . . I think you're swell.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"acting normal is abnormal today"

QUICK who wrote these lyrics?!

IF you said Jesse Maranger then you are right! I slapped in the capernwray unplugged today while driving to work at 6:30 in the morning... I have to admit I pretty much had Jesse's stuff on hit a cord today.

I've also been listening to the minor prophet series off and on in dee car. I can just picture the scenario of early morning lectures and the charisma of Rob that overflowethed........

I've been reading LOTS and have finished the Bad Beginning *book the first of the series of unfortunate events*, three quarters into "the five people you meet in heaven"by mitch Albom and have begun "this present darkness" by frank peretti and "the watchman" by ian rankin. I'm trying to read as much as possible for plessure right now because I KNOW that within the week I will not have any free time to warrant on reading novels of my choice.

New years was actually GOOD! Not that the past ones haven't been but there is soo much hype to new years and it rarely meets that birthdays you know?! *although last years b-day was great, thanks gals ;) * I knew that there were a bunch of capers just south of the border and I wasnt' with them, but it turned out very well, just hung out at ben's and played games and jumped up and down at 12.....but really...reallllllyyyy...would I have not done that on any given saturday night...hahaha