Sunday, January 29, 2006

AND THE WINNER IS..........*drum roll please*...

Well first off I'd like to thank the following people for being envolved in my Contest: Pammy, Schrek, Kayels(x2), Sarah, Lesles, J and Danny! I appriciate all the hard, back breaking work you put into this contest. The results are in, and well the winner is Non of you. Sorry. BUT you all get a special Cyber *smile* for your participation. The winner is James, yep thats right Hitchmoe helped me out with the lovely name that can now be seen on my blog! Props to James! Well shall we carry on with the crazy blogging adventure...I think so!

Ps. Chair dancing is the coolest!

1 comment:

kaylie said...

Chair Dancing iS the coolest! ha i love it! we had so much fun on that chair. remember how nervous we made stephanie?