Thursday, December 29, 2005

I swore at a blind boy...

SO the other day I was helping this woman and her blind child *about age 10* find a specific audio book, while they sat on the floor reading the backs of other audio books I searched the store and computer. We'd have to order it in for the little guy so I went back to them and began explaining how we'd go about ordering it it, and ended with I'll just write your confirmation number on a shit......*silence for a few seconds then explosive laughter from the mother, son and then myself* UM I meant SLIP SLIP of paper....and the boy was like "that sure was a SLIP " hahaha, oh man, I couldn't stop laughing ....

This was a postcard sent to **it's a blog where this guy puts up post cards that people have sent him with secrets, regrets etc. some are funny, some sad, some I skip over, but it's an interesting blog, I discovered it when I shelved the book of a collection of the postcards at work** when I read this one I laughed to myself because when I was in New York, I TOTALLY feel on the subway!

ANYWAYS, Can I just say I'm DEEPLY saddened that I won't be seeing MANY of you on NEW YEARS...*sigh* I'm truly LAME for not coming down and celebrating with you all. BUT have fun and I'm sure I'll read all about it!

I just finished reading Obsessed by Ted's was pretty good, I really enjoy his stuff. WOW hey I just gave you a grade2 analysis of a book.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

For my English Composition Final...

...this was one of the questionL " write a subjective discriptive paragraph on someone or someplace you know well" ...this was mine...

The day has ended with the passing of the sun and the diligent rising of the moon, the place I know all to well awaits me in my room. It’s warmth all to absent until it is created, it’s true calling not fulfilled until I’m there. I peel back the layers in great expectation knowing that soon I will be encapsulated by the very materials I fold down. First the thin coloured afghan weaved in the streets of Tijuana, then the aging comforter that at one point matched the decor but now is out of place, and then the top sheet there to act as a mediator between myself and the comforter. These are pulled away from the thick rectangle that has grown so accustomed to me it knows the position in which I sleep and moulds itself accordingly. The pillow placed gingerly on top of the mattress awaits my head in as much anticipation as I await it’s soft mouldable presence. From the moment I lay down to the moment I rise I’m thankful for this bed that is as soft as your favourite scarf, and as warm as the mug carrying your coffee.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I can't do it captain!

This is a pic I took during the last Hinds Feet meeting, we went to these really cool rock formations and I sat in a tree and pondered the lessons I got from the book. If you've ever talked to me online I'm sure you've seen it. Moving right along!

I have to write two take home's today, and SERIOUSLY I can't bring myself to do it...WHY!? WHY I ASK!!!!!! bah ha...they'll get done I know they will....

OOHHH today I took the Golden Nugget *my honda accord* to be repaired, yeah it's been over a month since the lady hit my front end in the chapters parking lot, but seriously I LIVE by my car. it's sad really but I'm always in it...yeah yeah I know reeking havoc on our world....ANYWAYS the point isn't that I'm horrible on the environment but that because at the time of the "incident" my car was under my dad's insurance I get a RENTAL! YAY it's sweet, it's soo nice to drive a new car that doesn't stall on you on the freeway! It's a toyota Echo...not the coolest of the cool but man its' cool!

WOAH! So one of my managers from Chapters just called me and gave me a BUTTLOAD more hours this week. It's bitter sweet really cuz i'm feeling a tad overwhelmed already this week but hey maybe this will work for my benefit when the only keep 3 of the 20 seasonals they hired!

I miss my old blog layout....BAH HA.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dang me and my refusal to commit!

So I was just contimplating on the fact that I hate remaining in one place for a long time or the fact that I just don't well in commitments and then this got me thinking that I should change my blog cuz I was "bored" of it, so I checked out my options and thought this stale grey and green do-dad should do the trick, so a few simple clicks and BAM I loose all my links...CRAP. *sigh* you definaly loose things in translation. what am I talking about ...I have no flippin idea...I understand if you stop reading now because I'm about to just go off on a bunch of things I've been thinking about...

Sometimes I wonder if people really know me, OR do they just see a nice, loud girl who laughs too much. . . and that's the depth of megan. cuz it's not, and I know you probably know this, but it's hard at times. YES I do get mad, yes I do get hurt and mess up. . . yeah there have been people in my life who I haven't liked. Sometimes I think that I'm too much of a people pleaser and people take advantage of that. I don't like to be the "bad guy" or let anyone down so in turn can't say "no". I haven't always had it easy or never struggle with things.

i hate it when people judge others, even though I myself do it. i hate it when people pretend and are fake, i hate it when people aren't understanding or think the world revolves around them. I hate it when people don't consider other peoples feelings and say things for shock value or to be "different" i hate labels people put on others . i hate the word poser. i hate the fact that at times I can't express myself and am lost for words. I hate that people say with there lips that they love Christ yet with there heart push him aside... in that way I hate myself. it makes me sick when I see people slamming others and having no disregard for what they are doing to that person...yet I love survivor.

yes, I am a very sensitive person. too many things and yet not all. my brothers used to tell me not to take everything to heart and take things so personally, this is easier said then done.

We are all so complex that sometimes I think it is easier to reduce people/ourselves to single characteristics so that we are able to comprehend the individuals we meet, yet we loose so much, just like I lost my links. . .

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Philosophy of love...

Have you ever been in love with the idea(ls) of love?

Think about it're attracted to someone, enjoy there company, all that jazz yet you are not satisfied with merely the is that you being infatuated with the idea of being in love or are you in love?

..interesting, no!?

...this can be related obviously to romance relationships but also to the relationship we have with God in terms of worship. another thought.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Fat Burger Experience!

Yeah that's right folks, Fat Burger has come to Langley B.C.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pride and Prejudice = 1 Question...

SO, Where the flip is my Mr.Darcy!?!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Good morning Starshine...

...the earth says HELLO!

Ok Ok so I CAN'T stop saying that! Every since last weekend! It was great too I got a bunch of the kids that went on the retreat this weekend saying it! Speaking of the retreat it was great, such a good time to connect with some of those "over zealous" teenagers that don't usually sit still for 5 minutes. It was good to in the way I encountered God, not in the "typical" sense of the word. I mean there was not a dramatic moment where I was eleviated from all that has been burdening me over the past semester or anything like that but it was great to just spend time talking about God and rembering what it was like to be on the "faith journey" even though I never walked off it. It's all one big journey. This semester was soo hard, I held back more tears than I can ever imagine and I actually held it in and told no one, why? I couldnt' put it into words...I had a hard heart. I finally understood what that was, as soon as I finally admitted to myself and then started to to others that this was what was going on i began the journey back up the mountain *for all those "Hinds Feet" Girls* and I'm slooooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllly rising but there is nothing wrong with that. It's all part of the Journey...and I'm taking it with God.

It was nice cuz the weekend was spent on Seymour Mountain, not quite at the snowhill but about three quarters up and it was great...we woke up sunday morning to snow! AND it's suppose to snow here tonight! But alas I dont want to get my hopes up, it may not snow and if it does it WON'T last.

"You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you."
*sigh* James Blunt, saying it like it is

Sunday, November 20, 2005

This weekend....

In point and chronalogical order:

-Slept in till around 11. mmm sleep
-gosh...what did I do till 2...
-worked 3-10:30...during this time I saw Caleb and Hannah *she does exist!*, saw Candace *she's an amazing person* and Dave *commuter director at school*
-talked to Jason online for a long time and discovered Mat Kearney
-around 1 in the morning I did the Daveo Smile thing

-Got, around 10 I think
-woundered around my house and talked to my mom
-Managed to get a paper down for monday
-Picked up to go to maia's B-day party...
-6:15 started Ice skating...saw RON GLOVER *hahaha i had a HUGE crush on this kid when i was in grade 9, he was in grade 12*
-Made a little kid fall, he accadently cut me off and it scared me so I sort of screamed and this in turn scared him and he biffed it. yes, i laughed
-after skating we went to Sarah and Christians house for fondue and to celebrate some more...
-played taboo...yeah aparantly I suck, I got minus 3 ...*sigh
- Got told i was responsible for russian policee officers deaths because I cause awkward moments by ben
- went home and thought deeply about my life and my relationship with God

- Got up and taught sunday school for 9:30, I'm sure my girls think i'm crazy hahaha
- went to the service *for the past three weeks i've been at other churchs for my philosophy of worship class
- did some "fellowshipping"
- came home, had lunch, read some stuff for school and took an hour nap *I love sleep*
- Got up and went to my niece and nephews birthday party
- ate some food, watched a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, goofed off with my siblings and had an all around good time
- caught the 8 oclock showing of HARRY POTTER & THE GOBLET OF FIRE, *loved it*, sat next to a weird man that woudnt' stop talking or tapping his toes...and when I first got there talked with a horribly fake english accent and told me that my dickies purse was brilliantly english *oh really, i thougth to myself*, watched the movie totally enthralled and missing england terribly I found myself wishing to be back there, or filming a movie * I have random thoughts*
- didnt' get home till 11. took a shower and i'm here...procrastinating on sleep only because I knwo when I wake up in the morning it will be early, dark and school will be a mere 25 minute drive away...*shudder*

...oh i forgot to mention my insesant muttering of "good morning sunshine the earth says hello!" it's willy wonka and my sisters fault!


Saturday, November 19, 2005

"The Daveo Photo Smile"

The following pictures were snapped after long and grueling hours of training, who was her trainer you ask...non other than Daveo. Feast your eyes on the "daveo photo smile" brought to you by non other than moi...

...and you too can have the "daveo photo smile" just visit his blog!


In other news...I totally saw Caleb today *gasp!*

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Yeah, that's right I wanna be a cowgirl...ok ok it's not right but I was one for a night! And I'm not gonna lie, it was fun!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hey did you know...

...that gold is the language everyone understands! LAME, that was a catch phrase on a Kay Jewlers commercial, I found that lame so I'd thought I'd share with you all!

**the next lines must be read out loud with a lateral lisp**

Speaking of sharing things with you amasing people, I'm almost overwhelmed by the masses in which people are coming out of the woodwork in this blogging system. It's simply amazing to see what you are all up to, I suck at keeping in touch and this is awesome! So keep it up my friends!

** you can return to your normal voice, if you speak normally with a heavy lisp please dont hold any hard feelings just know I truly love you **

Miss PJS inspired me to share the joy of the length of my hair.Can you tell I've been watching America's Top sort of seems that I'm fishing for compliments but REALLY i'm NOT. So if you comment, comment on how witty and intelligent and wonderful you think I am not how beautiful I am, cuz really comments aren't always about stating the obvious, am I right or am I right?!! *kidding people, really c'mon!*

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Oh the Stereotype...

Breakfast Club is an amazing movie. So relevant to all people at any age. Not only is it a flippin' awesome movie that is highly entertaining, it contains a lot of truth. I had never really picked up on the message before or cared to really, but tonight while sitting here by myself in my Bro's house I realized just how ingenious it is. If you've never seen it, watch it, if it's been years since you last watched it, watch it again. Why do we think we know someone by merely seeing them or talking to them briefly. We don't. OR why is that "status" buts us in our place in life...ficades (SP??) really. I know I do, if you are truthful you know you do...we pigion hole people as if they were a two dementional piece of paper that istn' full of complexities or flaws. Well for fear of turning this into a tangent I will stop! the way Pam...Molly Ringwald...see the resemblance?!?!

AMY I LOVE YOU and I had missed you soo much!

I hate that so many of my closest friends don't live near me, it can make life lonely at times. well i'm gonna go read...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

when our "religion" becomes repulsive

I can feel the red fluid that flows continuously underneath my skin begin to increase in volume and temperature each moment I witness this screaming woman on tv. As she protests and rebukes I feel the need to do the same to her. the premise of the show has nothing to do with religion, or faith, or whatever one chooses to follow. i'm sure you've heard of wife swap, if not it's a show where two wives swap homes for a week, this show is along those lines. This "christian" woman goes to a home of a family that practices astrology and other new age type things. By the end of the week the "Christian" woman has lost it and returns home to start yelling such things like " i rebuke satan in the name of Jesus"... all these things that is outrageous in such a setting. Yes, I do believe that we have the power to rebuke Satan and that we should not let Him have control of any part of our lives but I can't explain the words and behavior of this woman, who claimed to know and trust Jesus. Yet she completely disregarded his command to love others and, I can't even explain it but something inside me cracked and I was outraged at how she was treating this other family, how she was modeling Christ. She said several times that she "knew that seeds had been planted" and all I could think of was how God could have used her to plant seeds several times but she crushed them. I'm not trying to slander this woman really, I just get frustrated when Christians miss the big picture and throw "Christianese" one liners and things that mean ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to those who don't know Christ. I just kept thinking, Man, If I didnt' know Christ and watched this I would never want to. I know that we need to be bold in our faith, but we need to be sensitive too if that makes sense.ANYWAYS *TANGENT* Sorry if non of this made sense...I sort of just went off. I hope this woman wasn't related to any of you somehow and I've totally offended you.

PS- I saw Dora the Explorer live...heck yes I did!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Shadow proves the sunshine....

...great line, thanx switchfoot...we are crooked souls trying to stay up straight...another gooder. Anyways as you can see I'm enjoying the new Switchfoot as well as the new TFK. As you can also see last post I was a tad frustrated. *phew* glad that has passed! Actually it passed quick quickly, played a few card games with people and BAM all better...bah ha easily amused and swayed! AH well I must go now I'm being wisked away by my lovely night in shinning armour into the sun set...ok ok it's actually my mom and I'm just taking her to get some stuff in langley *sigh* one day, one day my prince will come!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Doing well...minus the frustration.

Why you ask? Why is this usually peaceful yet crazy Canadian so frustrated? well...she's frustrated in her lack of motivation. the fact that she is totally doing horrible in her two classes. her inability to shack the feeling of disapointment in the lack of adventure in her life currently. to shed the insistant emotion of restlessness. the feeling of she has so many places to go yet no where at the same time. she's just having a moment of relishing in her frustration...alas it shall pass...

but for now I must jet and do my job of "community building" bah ha

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

seriously though there is life after capernwray BUT...

At this very moment I am listening to Damien Rice. He has a beautiful voice. He reminds me of those beautiful days at capernwray when I'd spend time with my beautiful ladies in room 4. Helga would be complaining about our music saying that it wasn't so beautiful. Jayne would be lying on her bed eating some sort of beautiful digestive cookie. Allison, Pam and I would be sitting on pammy and I's bed that we had so beautifully set up. This, this was beauty in a way I've never experienced it. Complete strangers becoming family.

**wow so there was nestalgia for ya oh's not done! I can't help it, music has a way of making all these memories and emotions rush to the surface of your cognitive self. Pam introduced me to Damien and Damien reminds me of Pam and all the time the room 4 gals shared together. AH there was this one night where Helga told us an Icelandic fairy tale, in Icelandic then in was freaky! Oh man, we had fun that night. we had a lot of fun most nights.

Awe! now i'm talking to Evan online. Dang it I haven't talked to that kid since end of school. three cheers for Evan just cuz we all know he's a flippin radicule kid!

Anyways i shall return to write about my life here in BC soon, after all you know life at cape..but what you dotn know is life in BC! ...well some of you. HA

Saturday, October 22, 2005

You are Psalms
You are Psalms.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by

Monday, October 17, 2005

the day I lost two loonies and a sweater in one hour

The following is based on a true event but must be read as if it were being told by a 1930's detective on the radio.

it was a new day. filled with promise and life. it was short lived though. strangled by the loss of things held dear to and cloths.* i had agreed to take my dearest ma ma shopping. we entered the store. a recent fever spiked and i shed my black nit sweater and lay it in the cart . we walked on. toothpaste was tossed amoungst my sweater that lay strewn on the top part of the shopping cart. a display of face towels toyed with our senses and we abandoned the cart to take a closer look. upon inspection we discovered them to be not what we were searching for. we moved on. but wait! it's gone! our cart has been taken! trying to hold back the panic i searched madly through out the ailes. nothing. just empty glossy ailes freshly waxed. at this point my thoughts were not on my sweater but on the dollar i had so willingly shoved in the sweater! my sweater was in the cart! it was no longer time to be calm. i was outraged. we had to find that cart! my mother wanted to give up and go home, disapointed in a world where someone would take a cart that so clearly was being used by others. not wanting to leave beaten by the system i shoved her another dollar. my last looney. she retreated to the parking lot in hopes of getting another cart. i persued the mission. i had to find that cart. i searched and searched . scowered every aile. every abandoned cart. every cart occupied by small children. it was hopeless. our cart was gone. my dollar was gone. my sweater was gone!! I gathered myself and presented my plight to the "costomer service" station. nothing could be done. gone. head hanging low i searched once more. but soon the fever took over. i walked to the front of the store. exausted. emotionaly unstable. in walks my mother. no cart. no cart?! before i could begin she told me . the cart took the looney but wouldn't uleash itself from the chain. she was horrified. dissapointed. a gentleman even tried to free the cart but it was usless. so there we stood. no cart. no sweater . no money. we decided to count our losses. we left that store. heads held high. fever running high. we returned home. the sun set and the rains began. and that my friends is the account of how i lost two dollars and a beloved sweater all in one hour.

* This is for dramatization purposes, I hold more dear to me than money and clothing.

Friday, October 14, 2005

.at this present moment.

I'm eating breakfast at 1 oclock. corn pops.
I'm wearing oversized sweatpants. royal servants shirt and cow pattern slippers.
I'm listening to Counting Crows greatest hit. A long december.
I'm a wee bit sick. a cold.congested. big head. wee bit of a fever. hence the great sleep in.
I'm not looking forward to working 3 till 10:30. sick.
I'm imagining myself draggin my sorry behind all over chapters avoiding customers that i'm suppose to be helping.
I'm recalling first term Cape. when I was sick way too much and my roomies took care of me. curfew. clementine everyday.
I'm trying to find humor in a day comprised of broken sleep and work.
I found it.

Monday, October 10, 2005



I could take this moment and share with you all things that I am thankful for...but alas, I'm not going to ...well maybe one thing...

ps- I LOVE CHEESE.....I mean I've started liking Touched by an Angel *ok REALLY liking it*

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Megan = Brave

See what I did in Africa!

...OK ok..

I didn't pick a lions nose...

But I did touch an alligator and monkey!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"he has to get used to me in small doses
i'm like a deep and delicious cake
all at once i can be a bit overwhelming/much...but take small bites, and it's soooo good" ~ My dearest friend Maia. Man, how she makes me laugh!

So I FINALLY figured out how to put stupid links on this thing! *applause* Keep your eye's open there will be more soon!

.a bitter sweet taste resides.

. at the moment I'm totally overwhelmed by emotions tied to Capernwray. I had an AMAZING time of hanging out with 5 AMAZING people that I met at Cape. Sarah C, Leslie (both traveling across this great country of ours...well...that is those who read this that are canadian), Sarah Sitton ( came up from wash.), Janice (who now resides back in BC!), Brent (so glad that kid is going to my school...Columbia Bible College for those who dont know) and myself strolled down the seawall in Stanley Park. I was almost speachless, 5 random people who I shared 6 months of my life in England are now walking in my "real" world. So out of countrol, to steal a lovely phrase from Ally. We then went from there to a crazy "hole in the wall" restaurant for all day breakfast (only 2.95!) and then went to Janice's apartment to watch Anchorman. to read this, it may not seem special but for those who are from Cape. you know how special these times outside of Cape are. It was the things in between what we did that really made it so special, like Leslie and Brent making up random songs about going to Stanley park and hell (dont ask it was improved!) or peaches, laughing so hard my face hurt, talking in a lisp, learning where people were at spiritual, reconnecting with people who at one time were always just in the next room who are now perhaps not even in the next country, deepening those bonds that begun one year ago. it was hard to say good bye to leslie and sarah again, I don't know when i'll see them again and I won't lie, this plan ol' sucks. and this is my bitter sweet taste. good times then and now collide to leave me with the unforgivable truth that time keeps on ticking and the future doesnt' always wait for the past to catch up.


I'm signin' off ...i'm sleepy, till next time!

Friday, September 30, 2005

I was feeling Refreshed!...up to 15 min ago..

HI FOLKS! PHEWY! it's been an exciting few weeks around my neck of the woods! A couple of "things" that stick out

NEW JOB(S): I went out looking for a job one fine thursday and applied to a bunch of places including Chapters *ok my american friends, its a large bookstore like Barns and Noble type thing!* and I really wanted to work there, alas the last place I stopped, only because the hiring now sign was huge, was Quizno's. I dropped of my resume and the manager pretty much hired me on the spot and I started that night! So I was like well, this will do for now but I really don't want to work in the food industry. the next week i got a phone call from chapters! I had a group interview...then a couple days later an interview with the general manager! THEN YOU GOT IT A JOB! So I phoned Q's and thanked them for the opportunity but that it just wasn't my thing, they totally understood and I am now a proud employee of Chapters! I've had my training and I started 7 in the morning... hahaha if you know me at all you know I dont do mornings ...but there ya go I did today! I usually will work on the floor...meaning I help people find stuff! YAY.

POOPY INCIDENT *litterly*: I was babysitting my niece and nephews. Riley and Isaac were outside playing and Ella was napping *mmm nap...* I was just thinking how Ella had been sleeping for quite a while when I heard her just giggling and talking to herself * she has her own language...seriously you can't understand her! haha* So I went upstair opened her bedroom door and " WHAT THE?! WHAT ?! OH MAN!!!!" ...ok some explanation required. Aparantly Ella had been up for a while and was bored. She also had pooped her pants....use your imagination. THERE WAS POO EVERYWHERE. when i saw everywhere people...i mean EVERYWHERE. ELLA, Covered. Cribe, covered. wall...oh yes my friends she put it on the wall. It was all over her blankets, herself and even a few toys that where in her crib. I panicked, I began pacing the room like a lost person. I grabbed a whipe and began to clean her, but after a few moments of that I realized that it was just to big of a mess. So i plucked her ever so gingerly out of her grib and ran her to the bathroom. . . after two baths Ella was clean. After an hour of cleaning and gagging her room was clean. Seriously though folks, you may have heard about these freak artistic moments kids get but dang...nothing could prepare you for the real thing!


...I think I shall go for now...tune in next time...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I need a wee kip!

Wow, the past couple of days I have not been getting enough sleep. For real I think I need like atleast 9 hours a night or I'm wasted the next day! Yesterday was sweet, I went to my 8 oclock class *I KNOW! SO EARLY!* good ol' english composition...survided it then went to my philosophy of worship class, can I just say I think I'm a fan of this class. I think it's going to be totally interesting. Yesterday was the first class and the prof. put up this adertisment for this "best worship kit possible" type thing, I can't remeber what it was called, but it basically was cheapining worship. I said it was like they were evaluating worship with a human perspective. It was a pretty interesting mini discussion anyway. Then i spent like three hours in the collegium, it was sweet. I'm a host and I'm pretty sure I scared a couple first years! BAH HA. yeah needless to say I got a little energized. It was sweet though cuz I got to chill with Jon and then Brent! I'm so glad that kid goes to CBC!!...cept it always reminds me of Cape. then I miss everyone. ok maybe not EVERYONE because I really didn't know everyone...but yet they made up the body that we were. ANYWAYS. On my way home I stoped and talked to Jay about youth stuff and ended up just talking about church and the Word, he's a wise guy and I enjoy talking to him, then I had home group. I love talking about being a Christian and what that looks like and what I believe and voicing concerns and questions. I'm learning not to fear questions that I have about God, the Word and the Spirit, but embrace them and figure them out. well, I think i'm gonna have a nap, I worked at the preschool today...I used scissors a's a tiring job! hahaha

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The random monkeys fly at noon!

So, I just posted a post that I wrote like Aug. 31 but never posted...get it. And now I wish to write another. I shall do it in point form....* holla to Tiff for saying I should update*

Things that have made me smile in the last couple of weeks:

  • Watching my bro get married
  • getting my glasses flattened in a TFK mash pit
  • watching a dude full out land on the ground in a TFK mash pit...really it was funny, he bounced right back up, it was like straight from a movie!
  • talking to people I've dearly missed on messenger
  • reminiscing about my times in Africa and England
  • little kids running around during our outdoor church service
  • finding out I'm going to be an aunty again (Kev and Erika's 6th niece or nephew!)
  • reuniting with people at CBC
  • running into BRENT POTTER at CBC
  • having a huge girl talk while camping
  • knocking something off my always wanted to do involved water and a lack of swim wear *don't think less of me you know you've always wanted to do it....and no worries it was definatly NOT in mixed company, c'mon now! haha*
  • getting hyper at random times
  • being stretched in my faith by talking to JW's and working through some stuff this brought up with a dear friend
  • knowing that God is the only constant and firm foundation.
  • goofing off with friends
  • making my own bean burrito, with far too much refried beans
  • lookin' like a pop star BAH HA... there has been soo much I can't remeber half of it for real...smiling and laughing is awesome, not everything brings a smile to my face though but that's ok, life isnt' always good but God is.

I feel as though i'm in a calm before the storm, waiting for stuff to begin and take me off in a whirlwind of activities, appointments, classes, meetings, schedules! I honestly can't wait for it to get here though. Im ready. Bring on the classes *i'm only taking two this semester* bring on volleyball *i'm joined the church league hahaha*, sunday school, alpha, work, youth...i'm ready! I'm stoked! woo woo ....hahahaha alright alright i'm going i'm going...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And so it begins...

...what you ask? Uh, I don't know but atleast I got your attention! Wow, so for like 4 months I couldnt' remeber what my blog spot was called, or my passport or username so I forgot about it and didnt' write in it! BUT I have rediscovered it YAY!
At the present moment I am feeling random and a tad hyper. I'm going camping this weekend with some friends, and I am so stoked to be heading to my favorite lake! Maybe that's why i'm excited, or maybe it's just cuz I've been thinking a lot about my past year and reflecting on it, England for 6 months then Africa for a month and then another month spent between the states and England. It's not merely the places I've been though, but the people I've encountered. The strangers that became friends that became more like my family, the lost that I was able to share Christ with, and the encounters with the creator that could never be faked.