Friday, October 14, 2005

.at this present moment.

I'm eating breakfast at 1 oclock. corn pops.
I'm wearing oversized sweatpants. royal servants shirt and cow pattern slippers.
I'm listening to Counting Crows greatest hit. A long december.
I'm a wee bit sick. a cold.congested. big head. wee bit of a fever. hence the great sleep in.
I'm not looking forward to working 3 till 10:30. sick.
I'm imagining myself draggin my sorry behind all over chapters avoiding customers that i'm suppose to be helping.
I'm recalling first term Cape. when I was sick way too much and my roomies took care of me. curfew. clementine everyday.
I'm trying to find humor in a day comprised of broken sleep and work.
I found it.


Miss Courtnay said...

Get better soon, lor I will have to come tuck you in.

Polythene Pam said...

haha, I forgot about curfew! We imposed a curfew on you! Do you need me to come up there and do it again? I will gosh dang it! Don't test the Mamma Pam in me. Ally and her mummy took care of me this week. Good old fashioned room 4 style caring.