Monday, March 26, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

the mind of megan eh!?

...maia nailed it *circus music* is all I hear.

Hmmm, well there has been a lot going on in my noggin'.

The past week has been good.

The play is going really well so far. We've had two nights and one more to go. It's been a long journey to finally putting this bad boy up, one of the most difficult ones i've worked on. First off I'm playing a new role for me, I dont play the funny one, the main one, or the most energetic one...yet it's good. Really though the hardest part has been just getting to the point where it could go up. there is so much to a production that for people who've never really been a part of have no idea, it takes a crap load of energy, time and work. We had major scheduling issues with the team and didn't actually do full runs very much before going up. It's been yeah...hard and frustrating at times, yet it's been sweet to continually be reminded that this is for God and for his glory and to leave it at that. So yes... I'm glad I am a part of it...

I feel that I haven't really seen my friends for a while...which is true haha, but i was able to have sushi with maia today which was nice. . . soon though I'll have more time. It's been good though seeing people at the play who I haven't seen for a while at school, nice to catch up with them.

Well I'm sort of just rambling now and i should go...gotta get ready to go more! EEEPppp. haha I love that I still get a wee me energy!

Friday, March 16, 2007

9 am practice, a funeral, a wedding, vancouver & dinner at the Naam.

My day was full of a plethera of emotions and an awray of activities.

awake. it's 8:15 and I have to leave in 15 min. to be at rehearsal for 9.

9:00 begin setting stage

9:30 We did a dress rehearsal, went through the play once and did a que to que once. emotional rollercoaster numero one. it's a pretty draining play, but good. finish time 1:30

1:45 arive at seven oaks church to attend a funeral of an individual i've never met. Pastoral Practices class requires i attend a memorial service.

1:47 realize that there is in fact NO balcony for me to hide in but only a very small room that is rapidly fillin! for 20 minutes i'm the only person under the age of 60...someone is bound to notice i dont belong.

1:55 while trying to be stealth by grabing a chair and placing it at the back of the room hit hanging light and cause a ruckus...oops!

2:05 family enters, three younger people are present. 2:45 *ish* service ends. i book it to starbucks.

2:55 order a venti London Fog *comes to haunt me later*

3:05 arrive back at school and chill out for an hour before picking up a fellow Pastrol Practices Buddy and head to a wedding ceremont *yet another requirment*

4:20 firmly plant tush in a pew on the balcony and begin making witty comments on decor and the fact we know the people so well...all in a joking matter seeing as we have no idea who these people are.....

4: 35 realize that i was mistaken! I do in fact have an idea of who these people are because the groomsman is marrying my friends cousin in 2 weeks!! CRAZY!

4:50 get heavily distracted by the pigeons cooing on the window cile...sile...the window ...*ahem*

5: 10 make a quick get away and take buddy back to the school

5:35 arrive home *yes i sped* and changed then went to pick up maia!

6:00 leave maia's house and pretty much talk non stop till i get a phone call from evan! YAY he's coming to stay with me *along with three of his buddies* for 5 days in a couple of weeks! woo woo.....then talk talk, laugh, talk..

7:15 Maia and I arrive at the Naam and enjoy great atmosphere, food and company!! Talk talk talk YAY I LOVE YOU MAIA!!!!! Have a blast....

8:40 park further down 4th and walk, talk, laugh, "iseeyouknowhim" heh heh, talk, walk, pee. *oh i forgot the venti tea came back to haunt me...causing me to PEE every hour!..ok not too far from the norm but still!*

9:00 find the cutest pairs of shoes... BUT we held off! good on us!

9:15 wait forever for the starbucks washrooom DANG i had to GO!!!

10:00 begin the drive home, talk, listen to imogen heap and mika, laugh, talk, sing, talk...

11:51 here i sit. my day = full. but good. story of my life. I'm glad that i could do what i wanted tonight and spend it with maia! woo woo.... back into van tomorrow...

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Can you believe it Baby D is three!!!!! Man alive, fiestier than ever and cuter by the moment! We all gathered on saturday *praise be that I had booked it off of work* to celebrate her birth. Man, I really love my family and miss them lots. Today I called my mom to talk to her about a youth event and she was like "oh how are you doing?!" and I was like "Eeeep sorry I can't talk mom!" ...see I live with her, yet i'm never home thus i never see her. I have to phone her to talk to her. hahaha oh dear.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Friends like this... don't see everyday but it feels like it. I went to school with Julia, Zane and Juliana. I loved them they were my support at school. However since first year I see them very seldomly but when we do hang out it's like no time has passed, and I love it. Last week I took a night to go and spend with them. We ate, chatted and played a brilliant game of "heart throb" *the boys played nintendo*. Since first year a lot of things have been added in their lives, Juliana married Spence, Julia and Zane married eachother and now have little Oscar who is perfectly adorable and perfect mix of them.

I'm still afloat, dont worry. I'm hanging in there, be patient. I'm doing my best here, wait for me.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shows = great joy for Megan.

Last week I went to Switchfoot for I'd say the 6th or 7th time, and you like myself probably asked WHY?! why would I see them that many times, well let me tell you I discovered why during the show, they flippin' put on an awesome show! PLUS any chance I get to rock out is good!

Then this week I got to go to SNOWPATROL in seattle! My dear friends Maia and Dan shared this sweeeeet experience with me! We drove down and spent the day in Seattle and I've come to the conclusion any city can be cool if you are with the right people. The most fun i had was just hanging out in a starbucks with them joking around and playing the wave game *i won ;) * Pikes Place market was a huge let down for me...sad but true, we had no desire to purchase a fish and all i wanted to see was a stupid large fish be thrown from one guy to another! We bummed around until the show started at 7:30 then it was go time! Ok, so we had just purchased the tickets a week before so we were in the stands, which was a new experience for me but it was actually pretty sweet to see the whole stage and everything going on! I usually am on the floor and dance around all crazy like. However a huge issue for us were was the lack of enthusiasm from the other people in our area! no one was standing! We sat through the opening bands, Silver Sun Pick UP and OK was hard, i definatly flawed in my seat mind you. AND then when SP finally started we moved to a less busy section straight in front of the stage and immediatly began to jump and sing and dance. *sigh* it was awesome. Once again I find myself having a weakness for boys with accents, especially ones who can sing! They played all my favs and gave me some new ones. They played 4 songs for the encore which was sweet because for a minute there i didnt' think they were going to come back on! Anyways it was all too exciting and it left me singing and dancing along Seattle streets back to Dans car. But honestly I dont think people in Seattle were ever shown the freedom of rockin out at shows! the floor even looked a tad...dull! Well, all that matters is I had a wonderful time and can't wait to see them are some random pics of the day.

Next week .... John Reuben in Bellingham.