Friday, March 16, 2007

9 am practice, a funeral, a wedding, vancouver & dinner at the Naam.

My day was full of a plethera of emotions and an awray of activities.

awake. it's 8:15 and I have to leave in 15 min. to be at rehearsal for 9.

9:00 begin setting stage

9:30 We did a dress rehearsal, went through the play once and did a que to que once. emotional rollercoaster numero one. it's a pretty draining play, but good. finish time 1:30

1:45 arive at seven oaks church to attend a funeral of an individual i've never met. Pastoral Practices class requires i attend a memorial service.

1:47 realize that there is in fact NO balcony for me to hide in but only a very small room that is rapidly fillin! for 20 minutes i'm the only person under the age of 60...someone is bound to notice i dont belong.

1:55 while trying to be stealth by grabing a chair and placing it at the back of the room hit hanging light and cause a ruckus...oops!

2:05 family enters, three younger people are present. 2:45 *ish* service ends. i book it to starbucks.

2:55 order a venti London Fog *comes to haunt me later*

3:05 arrive back at school and chill out for an hour before picking up a fellow Pastrol Practices Buddy and head to a wedding ceremont *yet another requirment*

4:20 firmly plant tush in a pew on the balcony and begin making witty comments on decor and the fact we know the people so well...all in a joking matter seeing as we have no idea who these people are.....

4: 35 realize that i was mistaken! I do in fact have an idea of who these people are because the groomsman is marrying my friends cousin in 2 weeks!! CRAZY!

4:50 get heavily distracted by the pigeons cooing on the window cile...sile...the window ...*ahem*

5: 10 make a quick get away and take buddy back to the school

5:35 arrive home *yes i sped* and changed then went to pick up maia!

6:00 leave maia's house and pretty much talk non stop till i get a phone call from evan! YAY he's coming to stay with me *along with three of his buddies* for 5 days in a couple of weeks! woo woo.....then talk talk, laugh, talk..

7:15 Maia and I arrive at the Naam and enjoy great atmosphere, food and company!! Talk talk talk YAY I LOVE YOU MAIA!!!!! Have a blast....

8:40 park further down 4th and walk, talk, laugh, "iseeyouknowhim" heh heh, talk, walk, pee. *oh i forgot the venti tea came back to haunt me...causing me to PEE every hour!..ok not too far from the norm but still!*

9:00 find the cutest pairs of shoes... BUT we held off! good on us!

9:15 wait forever for the starbucks washrooom DANG i had to GO!!!

10:00 begin the drive home, talk, listen to imogen heap and mika, laugh, talk, sing, talk...

11:51 here i sit. my day = full. but good. story of my life. I'm glad that i could do what i wanted tonight and spend it with maia! woo woo.... back into van tomorrow...


Flip Flops Anonymous said...

YAY!! Seriously, I had a BLAST with you last night :) You're a good date ;) You're sure right...we talk a HECK of a lot :) But about cool things in life that matter (ok and sometimes lame stuff like shoes and clothes...hahah). We HAVE to go back to the Naam again a'ight?! See you in a bitty...back into Vancouver we go!!!

ps- I'm stoked to hang out with your US buddies!!

QueenBee said...

Hey Megs,

I had such a great time in Vancouver with you Saturday - I am SO glad that you were able to come to the play!

Flip Flops Anonymous said...

I know you're busy but, can we get an update?! Haha!! What is happening in the mind of Miss Hazelton!? *insert circus music* BAHA!!