Monday, March 12, 2007

Friends like this... don't see everyday but it feels like it. I went to school with Julia, Zane and Juliana. I loved them they were my support at school. However since first year I see them very seldomly but when we do hang out it's like no time has passed, and I love it. Last week I took a night to go and spend with them. We ate, chatted and played a brilliant game of "heart throb" *the boys played nintendo*. Since first year a lot of things have been added in their lives, Juliana married Spence, Julia and Zane married eachother and now have little Oscar who is perfectly adorable and perfect mix of them.

I'm still afloat, dont worry. I'm hanging in there, be patient. I'm doing my best here, wait for me.


Flip Flops Anonymous said...

Awww, yay! I'm glad that you got to connect with your friends :) I'm also glad that you got to come to Corrie's b-day party AND that we get to hang out this weekend!!!! WOO HOO!! We need to think of some 'ideas' for Friday night ;)

konecny said...

Happy Wednesday!

shinbone #4 said...

Believe it or not, I've never seen that game before. But now I have... I have a deperate desire to play it - looks like my kind of game :D

Anonymous said...

Heartrob looks amazing, and I have to agree with Grace. How does it work?