Monday, March 27, 2006

the silent image of a child. holds more power than words. unspoken innocence illuminates your iris. gather the pieces. form an everlasting picture. this is joy perminalty a part of my memories.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

confessions of a GEEK drama queen.

ok. how many times can one person lose a fully written blog. oh oh. a lot. yes my friends i did lose another one and yes i was proud of it. crappit anyways. well i'm tired. don't want to re-write the whole thing. so. i'm glad to report that the play is done. yes in case you didtn' know i was in a play at school. so that means that my life can get back to a "normal" hectic lifestyle. instead of a "i dont have time to smile" hectic life style. ok ok my dearests. i did have time to smile. and i did infact smile. i was exaggerating. anyways. yes. i'm glad it's over. i had a lot of fun working with the other cast and crew. doing a play is generally just rad all around. but it was a lot of time. that i didn't really have. plus i dont know. it was hard for me to really get into it. i played a young girl which is fun. but nothing really difficult you know. and yeah. whatever. but yeah ok. so i am rambling and i said i was tired. which i am. can you tell. ok. well. no matter how silly the play i love being on stage and will do anything to be on it. ok ok. again. exaggerating. before this thing was over. i was like man. school. work. a play. youth. too much to do and never again shall i. but now that i'm done it. i'm like sign me up for next year! BAH when will i learn. never. mmmm ok!
anyways i'm just going off now and really should stop before i embarrass myself or say somthing that i truly dont' mean to say or .......yeah. ok. well cheers for now.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

my day.
it snowed.
wrote a 25% paper.
it started to rain.
half hour later all snow gone.
i phoned bank.
told last check was in limbo.
overcome by frustration.
overcome by everything.
i cried.
not about money.
found money.
in student loan account.
didn't relax.
went to work.
began feeling better.
started laughing.
it snowed.
i drove home slowly.
it's still snowing.
here i am.
life is hard at times.
it ends.
he remains.

Monday, March 06, 2006

everytime i glance at a canvas i have an urge to express my self through vibrant to dull oils; every photograph ignites a yearning to capture the perfect shot; everytime i hear a voice call out in harmony, a guitar sing, a drum be struck, i want to dealve into composition. I want to dance my emotions, write my fears and compete my burdens away. the stage cradles my creativity.

Everytime I see/experience an art form I am drawn to it and want to participate.

Highlight of my weekend: watching the ulitimate fights with my brothers and dropping and stepping on my communion cracker.