Monday, March 06, 2006

everytime i glance at a canvas i have an urge to express my self through vibrant to dull oils; every photograph ignites a yearning to capture the perfect shot; everytime i hear a voice call out in harmony, a guitar sing, a drum be struck, i want to dealve into composition. I want to dance my emotions, write my fears and compete my burdens away. the stage cradles my creativity.

Everytime I see/experience an art form I am drawn to it and want to participate.

Highlight of my weekend: watching the ulitimate fights with my brothers and dropping and stepping on my communion cracker.


brent potter said...

dropping and stepping on your communion cracker!!? ha!! it feels so wrong but its so funny

Leslie said...

hehehe.. aww meggles. You muggle.

... Dude, I feel so blocked creatively right now.. Like if my creativity was a tube of toothpaste, i've got that hard spongey build-up that you get when you leave the cap off.. I'm happy to see you taking off! :) i can also see you stepping on your cracker. Please tell me you ate it anyway.. ;) I mean, Jesus was broken.. So thats pretty good symbolism.. ;)

Polythene Pam said...

Leslie has a good point about that cracker.

Allison said...

Ahh haha. that's awesome.
Hey Megan, love - I miss you and want to see you! I have two grand opportunities that are, I admit, much easier/better for me, but hey, I'll mention them anyway. 1- I'm driving up to Seattle to visit Jelly thurs to sat end of March to 1st of April weekend. 2- Evan and Meredith are going to be in portland the 6-9 of April and want to hang out on the 8th!!! :D
Well, it was worth a shot. :)
I love you xxoo

Schrecky said...

mmm... Josh schre... err Communion cracker

~krystal said...

Hey girl, I love your style!

Wow I've got a lot to catch up on! Thanks for poke'n in though my blog has been all but eaten by urgency. :-)