Friday, October 31, 2008

the overwhelming feeling has settled in for the night

Wow! I can't believe I've been a pastor for two weeks! It's been a totally interesting ride! Ups and downs but a lot of excitment and phrases that sound like..." I can't believe I get paid to hang out with kids/go to ..." the list goes on! that's the incredible part. Yesterday though was the dude before me's last day in the office and once he left the onus of it all really hit me. But the Lord has been reminding me why he has brought me to this place, what its' truly about and to go slow. Man our God is good!

Today, yes halloween day I picked up the keys to my apartment!! I have an apartment! I'm not just renting a room from a friend, but I have an apartment...a very empty one but it's there! And now I need a roomate like asap!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm a Youth Pastor.

...crazy! Last night I got the call I've been waiting for over the last month and a Half. As of 9:45 last night I'm officially the Middle School Pastor at Central Heights Church in Abbotsford, BC.

I believe I'm still in shock. I'm so excited and I know that God has been guiding this decision every step of the way. My cofidence is only in him.

So here I go, a new adventure begins!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well it's sunday evening, the house has returned to it's silent aoundtrack after being full of boisterous Hazeltons all day. Thanksgiving 2008 another great success, full of thankfulness, way too much food, family, friends and way too much food!

I do have a lot to be thankful for, however I will not make a list but know that in my heart I praise the Lord for who he is and what he has done for us, and what he is doing in my life.

I found out today that my dear friends Ryan and Melissa are engaged! OH JOY! It's so amazing.

One disapointment of the american football...seriously I need to find an american household to invade on their thanksgivin' because all I wanted to do was play football on thanksgiving!

Oh and in 1957 is the year that Canada put out legislation declaring the reason for a "holiday" for giving thanks....

"For general thanksgiving to Almighty God for the blessings with which the people of Canada have been favoured"

Seriously cool right? This wasn't the first thanksgiving however it was then that it was decided to have it on every second monday of October and the final reason. And for the past 51 years it has been so...and with all the persecution of Christians in India and Iraq right now I'm truly thankful to the Almighty God for the blessings of freedom we have in Canada.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I went to something called the "Passion Tour" it's a world tour with 17 stops in the worlds major cities. It's a night of worship through singing, praying and hearing for Gods word. It's focus is college age kids. It was really encouraging. 10,000 students together with the focus of praising and giving fame back to the one name who deserves it, Jesus. Chris Tomlin and the David Crowder Band lead worship. Here are a few thoughts from tonight...

1. It was incredible that God gave this vision/dream to someone and I was participating in someones dream coming into fruition. God spoke to someone they obeyed and now thousands upon thousands of people are joining together to praise his name. This huge event started out as a thought.

2. At times I can be cinical or rather to put it in a more "neat" word, critical. My time at bible college taught be how to be critical, which I think is a very important quality that many Christians shy away from however I suppose that I can critique to the point of cinisicsm.

3. The speaker dude, whom I honesty can't remember the name of... told a students testimony. It was very moving, powerful and encouraging. She ended up being killed in a car accident three months after entering a relationship with Jesus, however her life continues to encourage others. Anyways the speaker read from her journal.... my hypothosis is that this journal will soon be sold in Christian books stores across North American very soon.

4. I have a dream for the future that I rarely tell people but has been with me for a long time. No no its' not to be in a musical, everyone should know that already! I believe one day it will happen there are just a lot of steps before it does.

5. COOL STORY. One of the people I saw there had given me a name of a girl who needed a roomate. I was looking for a roomate/place so I met up with this girl and she was awesome! The place was pretty nice, I got along SO well with this chick and would have had a blast living with her and rent was super cheap! All things seemed to fit well except that I didn't feel kosher about living there. For some reason I didnt' feel good about the situation and struggled wether I should move in. After thinking about it I told the girl it wouldnt' work out. It just couldnt' put my finger on why I didnt' want to move in, and the reasons I thought of were lame and sounded like poor excuses. ANYWAYS the dude I saw told me that this girl actually ended up moving back to Kelowna because she felt called to work with the youth up there! SO I would have been screwed if I had moved there! Honeslty God is so good! I was floored, because this fits into a much bigger story than this....all that needs to be said is that God is totally watching my back.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


OH boy, I've been looking through old photos, diggin' through jounals and sorting through memories. I remember these years way differnet than the stories the pictures tell hahaha, I was stylish and cool, funky in my own little I thought. NO all I can think i, Seriously though, SERIOUSLY how do I have so many freakin' friends. I was a big dork ...I'm sure most people have those feelings while looking at old photos but...seriously!?

Sooo, I'm in a time of waiting. I've been for oooh over a month now. Yep.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok, so here's the thing. This summer I was working at camp. Well that's done. It was truly an adventure. Exausting but good. And now I have some down time YAY. It's been great, I've been able to catch up with a lot of people. The funny thing is, I've reverted back to my high school summer days. Get home late, go on the computer until really late then sleep in REALLY late hahaha. it's been interesting...but not my cup of tea. This morning I had no where to go, no one to see.... complete bliss right... well bring on high school days! I've spent the morning, checking email, watching muchmusic *mtv but canadian style* and am now currently watching the OC *however i've never watched this show...* Maybe I should be opening a feel less high school..... hahaha

Monday, April 14, 2008

.the fullness of God.

today I handed in my last assignments and took my last exam as a Columbia Bible College student. It was a bittersweet day full of emotions that I can not grasp enought to put down in words. i shall not write much at this point in time.

I sat on my balcony today, took in the sights, thought, wrote and praised God for the work that he has done in my life through my time at CBC.

I do not know the fullness of God but I will forever seek to push further into it and thankful that He's welcomed me as far as I've gone thus far on my journey.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thanks to the brilliant COLONEL...

this will be my summer.
L:Jack-a-mo (my co-APD) M:The Colonel (our fearless leader) R: Myself (Black Cherry Jones.)

I'm working as assistant program director at Camp Luther this summer starting the end of april. it's going to be the biggest and bestest gong show ever! *laughs hard and shakes head* so good. soo good.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


So not only did I totally masacre the word "abyss" I also totally wrote the lyrics wrong to Mika's hit Grace Kelly. it's totally "I could be BROWN, I could be BLUE, I could be violet sky." WOW what was I thinking!!Anyways my lovelies! Just so you know Mika was amazing!! I'm now proud to be a fan haha. The past week has been great... my mind is heart is full of great thoughts and tensions.

Things current to me as of right now:

1. Listening to: Jon Foremans solo album "winter"

2. Talking to my sister in law Nicole about Disneyland **73 days!**

3. In the few seconds it took to write that, I'm not listening to The Midway State - a Toronto band that opened for Mika

4. I realized I've just wasted the last hour on facebook, msn, wandering the apartment, and now blogger. yowsers time flies.

Reasons why this weekend was pleasant:

1. it was aparant why I loved BC

2. I went to visit my parents and saw my granny, Auntys and Cousin and had some "high tea"

3. went for a walk and talk with me momsies.

4. enjoyed some good times with work peeps which envolved guitar hero, guitar, cranium and "what about bob?" ... classic.

5. had some quality time with my niece Ella

*just so you know that has both our hand drawn out with a heart that she drew between it!*

6. had some amazing talks with friends. communication is a beautiful thing.

7. The youth group I'm working with now is amazing, and I was invited to one of their suprise parties..haha, so cute and rad.

8.the realization that life is good.

hmmm I'm a fan of the people in my life.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I could be blue, I could be Green...


Hey Friends. So it's been a while. *classic*

Tonight I'm going to the MIKA show. Most of you probably have no clue who he is, but he's the crazy high pitched singer of "Grace Kelly" and "Love today" man these songs are catchy. I got tickets from my roomy and her boyfriend for my birthday. It's going to be hilarious. oh boy oh boy.

Then I'm off to a Camp Luther Retreat on Seymour mountain tomorrow morning. I found out last week that I got hired as the Assistant Program Director for the summer and I am soo STOKED about it! It will be super challenging but so radicle!!

God has really been doing a lot of work within me and it's been hard but exillerating.

I graduate in April then have four months planned out but after that..... its like the great do you spell that? Obis.. obbis..whatever it's the great unknown!

Anyways I grow weary of this, haha and I have a lot to do before I get ready for the show!! Have a beautiful day wherever you are.