Sunday, February 24, 2008


So not only did I totally masacre the word "abyss" I also totally wrote the lyrics wrong to Mika's hit Grace Kelly. it's totally "I could be BROWN, I could be BLUE, I could be violet sky." WOW what was I thinking!!Anyways my lovelies! Just so you know Mika was amazing!! I'm now proud to be a fan haha. The past week has been great... my mind is heart is full of great thoughts and tensions.

Things current to me as of right now:

1. Listening to: Jon Foremans solo album "winter"

2. Talking to my sister in law Nicole about Disneyland **73 days!**

3. In the few seconds it took to write that, I'm not listening to The Midway State - a Toronto band that opened for Mika

4. I realized I've just wasted the last hour on facebook, msn, wandering the apartment, and now blogger. yowsers time flies.

Reasons why this weekend was pleasant:

1. it was aparant why I loved BC

2. I went to visit my parents and saw my granny, Auntys and Cousin and had some "high tea"

3. went for a walk and talk with me momsies.

4. enjoyed some good times with work peeps which envolved guitar hero, guitar, cranium and "what about bob?" ... classic.

5. had some quality time with my niece Ella

*just so you know that has both our hand drawn out with a heart that she drew between it!*

6. had some amazing talks with friends. communication is a beautiful thing.

7. The youth group I'm working with now is amazing, and I was invited to one of their suprise parties..haha, so cute and rad.

8.the realization that life is good.

hmmm I'm a fan of the people in my life.

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Adam said...

megan, you have such a fun life! I am, at the moment, envious.

See you.