Friday, February 15, 2008

I could be blue, I could be Green...


Hey Friends. So it's been a while. *classic*

Tonight I'm going to the MIKA show. Most of you probably have no clue who he is, but he's the crazy high pitched singer of "Grace Kelly" and "Love today" man these songs are catchy. I got tickets from my roomy and her boyfriend for my birthday. It's going to be hilarious. oh boy oh boy.

Then I'm off to a Camp Luther Retreat on Seymour mountain tomorrow morning. I found out last week that I got hired as the Assistant Program Director for the summer and I am soo STOKED about it! It will be super challenging but so radicle!!

God has really been doing a lot of work within me and it's been hard but exillerating.

I graduate in April then have four months planned out but after that..... its like the great do you spell that? Obis.. obbis..whatever it's the great unknown!

Anyways I grow weary of this, haha and I have a lot to do before I get ready for the show!! Have a beautiful day wherever you are.


QueenBee said...

It's spelt abyss - haha! Love ya Chickie ;)

Ashley said...

Great abyss? You should move to Calgary.