Thursday, December 13, 2007

.as Christians we cheapen God.

.... upon reading that, it may seem like a harsh statmen however after talking to my roomate about some friends, and the difference she's noticed between SOME Christians and those who don't claim to know God I began thinking.

At times I think we bring God into things, prayer especially, as a sweet coating to cover over scars and issues, to seem like we care yet it is only to "deal" with it. we may even have the best intentions to pray for people when they ask or to pray for them when we hear about crappy situations. And dont get me wrong prayer is essential and beautiful and a deep connection with the Lord. However we throw the thought of it out there with little meaning. We cheapen God by bringing him into things without meaning it.

i think at times, we may not know how to deal with something, or how to react, so we throw out the I'll pray for you and then jet. man alive prayer is key! BUT we are called to be Christ to the hurting. Christ never used prayer as an escape goat! we may not have all the answers, we may have nothing to say but for crying in the soup kitchen lets not use prayer to get us out of genuinly caring for people! i'm' not saying this is what we're always doing when we say we'll pray for you. it's not. YET lets be so intentional about praying with people right then and there, for genuinly praying out of care and love for that person, pray because it is all you can think of to do but not because you dont know what else to say!

also i think we should follow up, if we pray for someone, ask how they are doing, a couple of days later, a week, a month later!!

anyways thanks for reading my mini-rant/ thought's more for myself I suppose. I no longer want to cheapen our Lord.


Ashley said...

Amen, brotha!

(Yeah, I just called you brotha.)

Court said...

yep, I think you may be on to one of the major flaws of human kind we take something brilliant and we fabricate it into the 2 cent version and sell as the genuine one.

JK said...

Wow. You make some really valid points.