Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wow. summer is gone.

WEll it's been a rollercoaster of a freakin' summer and it's over.

if you would have asked me two weeks ago if i were ready for it to be over and i would have said HECK YES.

but now...well i'm not too sure! haha. I went to camp luther for two weeks to work and i absolutly loved it. soo rad. such an amazing ministry and rad people.

...well i was going to write a big fat catch up blog. . . nah ..........

hope all is well with whoever stumbles upon this!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

a force within draws you out
a plauge inside demands an exit
a watchful eye turns your sight black
what occurs in your thoughts must never escape.

a tunnel has been forged to the outer rim. what lies beyond is unfathamable only because it has yet to be scratched by your iris. overcome not with joy or anguish but by apathy you slip onto the deck of the future. no time to rest for time does not exist. no pain to withstand because pain has been extinguished with numbness.

HUH! that makes sound depressed. i'm not at all! . I just got back from Rouch Acres a camp that we take our youth up every year and we are the counselors and support staff. this year as well as last we did a boys camp so our guys were the cabin leaders and us girls washed dishes, led activities and scrubbed toilets! It was honestly amazing. God once more proved his faithfullness and awesome power. To be honest when i first got there I did not want to be there...and it seems taht was the general consent. however The lLord was there in a powerful way and as soon as the campers got there, everyone bonded together and worked as a team and were ready to be used by the Lord and to glorify him! it was so amazing to be a part of and to witness some of my youth to really grasp what it means to be a servant of the Lord. and for some to even know what it means to follow Him and to obey. One of our girls shared her sotry for the first time in front of people. it was amazing. She has only been a Christian for 2 months and it was truly a blessing to hear her and wacth the Lord work through and in her during the week! and to see our guys serve so selflessly at such a young age was awesome! a true testament to there faith in the Lord.
I miss the camp already so much, it was incredible. Camp is an interesting ministry you build into these kids lives for a week then you have to say goodbye. i wish these boys were in my youth group, a part of our team so that we could build them up and be there to walk alongside of them, however they are not yet we can continue to pray for them and support them in other ways. they were awesome kids and I really enjoyed hanging out with them.
anyways yeah, camp was amazing.
on sunday I'm leaving to go to camp luther , this time i'll be on my own, joining a staff team that has been together all summer. I'll be there for 2 weeks and am excited / nervous, because i haven't counseled in over three years, and really dont have a ton of experience but it will be sweet!

well cheers to the best week of the summer!