Thursday, December 29, 2005

I swore at a blind boy...

SO the other day I was helping this woman and her blind child *about age 10* find a specific audio book, while they sat on the floor reading the backs of other audio books I searched the store and computer. We'd have to order it in for the little guy so I went back to them and began explaining how we'd go about ordering it it, and ended with I'll just write your confirmation number on a shit......*silence for a few seconds then explosive laughter from the mother, son and then myself* UM I meant SLIP SLIP of paper....and the boy was like "that sure was a SLIP " hahaha, oh man, I couldn't stop laughing ....

This was a postcard sent to **it's a blog where this guy puts up post cards that people have sent him with secrets, regrets etc. some are funny, some sad, some I skip over, but it's an interesting blog, I discovered it when I shelved the book of a collection of the postcards at work** when I read this one I laughed to myself because when I was in New York, I TOTALLY feel on the subway!

ANYWAYS, Can I just say I'm DEEPLY saddened that I won't be seeing MANY of you on NEW YEARS...*sigh* I'm truly LAME for not coming down and celebrating with you all. BUT have fun and I'm sure I'll read all about it!

I just finished reading Obsessed by Ted's was pretty good, I really enjoy his stuff. WOW hey I just gave you a grade2 analysis of a book.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

For my English Composition Final...

...this was one of the questionL " write a subjective discriptive paragraph on someone or someplace you know well" ...this was mine...

The day has ended with the passing of the sun and the diligent rising of the moon, the place I know all to well awaits me in my room. It’s warmth all to absent until it is created, it’s true calling not fulfilled until I’m there. I peel back the layers in great expectation knowing that soon I will be encapsulated by the very materials I fold down. First the thin coloured afghan weaved in the streets of Tijuana, then the aging comforter that at one point matched the decor but now is out of place, and then the top sheet there to act as a mediator between myself and the comforter. These are pulled away from the thick rectangle that has grown so accustomed to me it knows the position in which I sleep and moulds itself accordingly. The pillow placed gingerly on top of the mattress awaits my head in as much anticipation as I await it’s soft mouldable presence. From the moment I lay down to the moment I rise I’m thankful for this bed that is as soft as your favourite scarf, and as warm as the mug carrying your coffee.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I can't do it captain!

This is a pic I took during the last Hinds Feet meeting, we went to these really cool rock formations and I sat in a tree and pondered the lessons I got from the book. If you've ever talked to me online I'm sure you've seen it. Moving right along!

I have to write two take home's today, and SERIOUSLY I can't bring myself to do it...WHY!? WHY I ASK!!!!!! bah ha...they'll get done I know they will....

OOHHH today I took the Golden Nugget *my honda accord* to be repaired, yeah it's been over a month since the lady hit my front end in the chapters parking lot, but seriously I LIVE by my car. it's sad really but I'm always in it...yeah yeah I know reeking havoc on our world....ANYWAYS the point isn't that I'm horrible on the environment but that because at the time of the "incident" my car was under my dad's insurance I get a RENTAL! YAY it's sweet, it's soo nice to drive a new car that doesn't stall on you on the freeway! It's a toyota Echo...not the coolest of the cool but man its' cool!

WOAH! So one of my managers from Chapters just called me and gave me a BUTTLOAD more hours this week. It's bitter sweet really cuz i'm feeling a tad overwhelmed already this week but hey maybe this will work for my benefit when the only keep 3 of the 20 seasonals they hired!

I miss my old blog layout....BAH HA.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dang me and my refusal to commit!

So I was just contimplating on the fact that I hate remaining in one place for a long time or the fact that I just don't well in commitments and then this got me thinking that I should change my blog cuz I was "bored" of it, so I checked out my options and thought this stale grey and green do-dad should do the trick, so a few simple clicks and BAM I loose all my links...CRAP. *sigh* you definaly loose things in translation. what am I talking about ...I have no flippin idea...I understand if you stop reading now because I'm about to just go off on a bunch of things I've been thinking about...

Sometimes I wonder if people really know me, OR do they just see a nice, loud girl who laughs too much. . . and that's the depth of megan. cuz it's not, and I know you probably know this, but it's hard at times. YES I do get mad, yes I do get hurt and mess up. . . yeah there have been people in my life who I haven't liked. Sometimes I think that I'm too much of a people pleaser and people take advantage of that. I don't like to be the "bad guy" or let anyone down so in turn can't say "no". I haven't always had it easy or never struggle with things.

i hate it when people judge others, even though I myself do it. i hate it when people pretend and are fake, i hate it when people aren't understanding or think the world revolves around them. I hate it when people don't consider other peoples feelings and say things for shock value or to be "different" i hate labels people put on others . i hate the word poser. i hate the fact that at times I can't express myself and am lost for words. I hate that people say with there lips that they love Christ yet with there heart push him aside... in that way I hate myself. it makes me sick when I see people slamming others and having no disregard for what they are doing to that person...yet I love survivor.

yes, I am a very sensitive person. too many things and yet not all. my brothers used to tell me not to take everything to heart and take things so personally, this is easier said then done.

We are all so complex that sometimes I think it is easier to reduce people/ourselves to single characteristics so that we are able to comprehend the individuals we meet, yet we loose so much, just like I lost my links. . .

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Philosophy of love...

Have you ever been in love with the idea(ls) of love?

Think about it're attracted to someone, enjoy there company, all that jazz yet you are not satisfied with merely the is that you being infatuated with the idea of being in love or are you in love?

..interesting, no!?

...this can be related obviously to romance relationships but also to the relationship we have with God in terms of worship. another thought.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Fat Burger Experience!

Yeah that's right folks, Fat Burger has come to Langley B.C.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pride and Prejudice = 1 Question...

SO, Where the flip is my Mr.Darcy!?!