Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Fat Burger Experience!

Yeah that's right folks, Fat Burger has come to Langley B.C.


Schrecky said...

wow. All canadians are pasty white. JK

B├ęthany said...

because the seaweed


and you are right. That was the one that set us off up in the tape room. How did you remember that? That was like 10 months ago. It always gets me, that one goes. And the Dam one. Oh....dam.

Tyco Montoyo of the Midget Mongrils said...

FAT BURGER??? And I'm not there to enjoy in the indulgences of it? Dang nammit! I guess I'll have to go to In and Out for lunch today!

Miss you guys a ton! (pass that on!)


Allison said...

I just got really jealous.
Not the burger thing but the sight of people getting to hang out with you.

The Bean Bag Chair said...

Fatty there's a tempting name! At least they're honest with what they're selling! Gosh...I was expecting the straw up the nostril to come from YOU megs!
ps. I think I'm more jealous of tyco getting In and Out tho...