Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I can't do it captain!

This is a pic I took during the last Hinds Feet meeting, we went to these really cool rock formations and I sat in a tree and pondered the lessons I got from the book. If you've ever talked to me online I'm sure you've seen it. Moving right along!

I have to write two take home's today, and SERIOUSLY I can't bring myself to do it...WHY!? WHY I ASK!!!!!! bah ha...they'll get done I know they will....

OOHHH today I took the Golden Nugget *my honda accord* to be repaired, yeah it's been over a month since the lady hit my front end in the chapters parking lot, but seriously I LIVE by my car. it's sad really but I'm always in it...yeah yeah I know reeking havoc on our world....ANYWAYS the point isn't that I'm horrible on the environment but that because at the time of the "incident" my car was under my dad's insurance I get a RENTAL! YAY it's sweet, it's soo nice to drive a new car that doesn't stall on you on the freeway! It's a toyota Echo...not the coolest of the cool but man its' cool!

WOAH! So one of my managers from Chapters just called me and gave me a BUTTLOAD more hours this week. It's bitter sweet really cuz i'm feeling a tad overwhelmed already this week but hey maybe this will work for my benefit when the only keep 3 of the 20 seasonals they hired!

I miss my old blog layout....BAH HA.

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