Thursday, May 24, 2007

Main thoughts of the week:
- the church didnt' get a government grant. meaning no internship/job for megan.
- its' ok because i'll just work at chapters, and camp this summer...make no money and go to Disneyland in august.
- i'll do my internship next year, and also have to work, bring on the busyness i love so much.
- honest i'm ok with it. it'll work out. no point being bitter.
Main thoughts/activities of the day:
- worked, not bad if i have energy...i'm becoming a pro at busy/slacker mode...
- went for coffee with some stellar youth girls after work, hahaha i'm getting old.
- went for coffee with Ben - dont want him to move to vic
- it's good hearing other perspectives when you trust them, even if you dont fully agree.
- went late night longboarding with janny, and the maiers - conquering fears is good
- a gentle reminder of how amazing my friends are.
- started listening to pedro the lion, finally, why have i never before?!

Random pics from Portland:

Monday, May 14, 2007

i heart portland...

...because it has so many dear people!

SOooooo, It's been a very long time since i've posted anything ...or anything quasi substantial. so i'll have to ease myself back into it...

this weekend i drove to portland on thursday *five hours not too shabby* and drove home on sunday. Honest I didnt' stop all weekend but it was amazing.

Friends from Cape i got to hang out with and love: Alison, Meredith, Pammy, Josh, Danny and Evan!!!!!! It was so awesome to see these guys, at times i'd just stop and stare at them at soak in how truly amazing they are. Honest.

Got to hang out with Jared, Kyle and Justin!! The american boys who came up with Ev for there spring break. Chivilary truly lives on through them! Met a ton of cool new people...oregon is full of Desiree and kelly!

ack. i was going to tell you all about my adventure but i'm really tired and it would take too long but trust me when i saw it was wonderful! perhaps i'll fill ya in later.

awe, maybe i'll drive down again this weekend haha.

OH OH i own a longboard now! woo woo..*chugga chugga*