Thursday, May 24, 2007

Main thoughts of the week:
- the church didnt' get a government grant. meaning no internship/job for megan.
- its' ok because i'll just work at chapters, and camp this summer...make no money and go to Disneyland in august.
- i'll do my internship next year, and also have to work, bring on the busyness i love so much.
- honest i'm ok with it. it'll work out. no point being bitter.
Main thoughts/activities of the day:
- worked, not bad if i have energy...i'm becoming a pro at busy/slacker mode...
- went for coffee with some stellar youth girls after work, hahaha i'm getting old.
- went for coffee with Ben - dont want him to move to vic
- it's good hearing other perspectives when you trust them, even if you dont fully agree.
- went late night longboarding with janny, and the maiers - conquering fears is good
- a gentle reminder of how amazing my friends are.
- started listening to pedro the lion, finally, why have i never before?!

Random pics from Portland:


canary said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of your pc desktop.
I'll publish on my blog.

QueenBee said...

Hey Megan - You are Awesome! I heard about the no funding for internship this year - sucky! I will miss you SO much when I am gone.

Adam said...

i am in the same boat my good friend. internship-less for the third year in a row. alas.

well, at least you still have "freind-ship" har de har har.

who is this canary? don't listen to a word he says. birds cannot be trusted.