Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i know i haven't posted in a while. but soon. i have a "crush" on a waiter at this restaurant.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm listening with my mouth!

i had a plethera of things to say but no longer feel like writing them so i wont.

current mood: happeniss covered in MEH

currently listening to: Emery - the question

currently avoiding: feminist hermeneutics paper

current waiting for: cast party to begin

currently feeling: naucious

current sitting: in the bear cat lounge at school

currently drinking: water

current temperature: really warm...

currently wishing: that a fairy would come do my work!!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

the american invasion and life

I had the most remarkable weekend, truly did, it was like I was on vacation but I never left. I could write out pages of funny stories, crazy adventures, great talks, silly sayings, and all around good times! But it's late and i'm really tired. Why did i have a fantastic weekend? well...

Evan came up with three of his buddies from Multnomah, Justin, Kyle and Jared and stayed for five days. These guys were some of the most random, amazing, uniquly awesome people! Serious i wish you all had the chance to meet and hang out with them.

I enjoyed seriously every moment i spent with these guys, and it was nice to actually spend time with my friends from home as well! I did not get any homework done which leaves me a tad behind schedule *understatement? yes.* but it was worth it.

I'll post more pics later...

It's sort of odd though, how fast you can get used to having someone around all the time, like they would be here when I woke up, went to sleep, got home from school or work...and now they aren't and I miss it. BAH HA ...

IN OTHER NEWS. JANNY is home and man alive I'm sooo glad she is. I've missed her sooo much!! It's been sweet i've seen her a ton since she's been back i love it and her!!!

I feel that at this moment i'm sort of sitting on a hill of emotions and issues that perhaps aren't all mine.. for the past month if not longer i've had a desire to cry, you know one of those exausting wails?!? yet haven't and it's not necessarily for me even. yeah i know it sounds odd But in that I feel that God is drawing me so close to him. I'ts amazing to know his voice, *not audible* and see his work in lives around me and in mine. Yeah, exciting stuff, exausting stuff... i sometimes feel as though i'm not dealing with my own issues...because everyone has them right?! but yes. hahah this is when i should stop typing and go to bed. or finish my paper.