Tuesday, November 28, 2006

it was a magical night full of...

lost boys, finding there way home...
hansel and grettle
Beauty and the beast. the toothfairy and villians. Snow and little red riding hood

g Princess' and Malificent Gnomes that need to be dealt with..
and many more
Beautiful lights, and beautiful people!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


OOOH man I So hope that school is closed tomorrow...because i do NOT want to try to drive back into abby again. Today sucked. I got up too late to go to the early service at church. i then attempted to go out to school for a group project meeting only to discover my car is lame, went around the block and complained to the fasha who then fixed it and i was off once more. HA. why o why did i try!? the freeway was one giant white blur speckled with black dots on the side of the road...i thought i was going to die. i didnt' but my car did for two miniutes...it wouldnt' move, dead. i started to panic but it started again. then on the off ramp once in abbey, a lady was fish tailing and i was uber scared and just yelled Jesus let her go! and BAM she stratened out and went on. ha Thank You! so i got off then went right back onto the freeway, i shoudl have just stayed at a friends in abbey or something but i had stuff to do. SO i got back on and BAM soon we were all stopped. For like 10 min. we just sat there and the snow piled up. then i went like under 2 km for half an hour. then finally got to go about 40ish...man it was freaky! white out for sure!

Anywho so i get home, go for a walk with my mom to calm myself down which worked it was sweet. THEN i realized i cant drive out to newlands for my Christmas party. so i called a few people but no go, my bro...not home. dang it...so i missed the partai. DANG IT. i even bought an outfit and was sooo loooking forward to going. CRAP. but anyways i got an 8 page paper done, due tomorrow and i really thought i was handing this one in late. so that's good.

BUt now i'm stressin' because school may be open tomorrow and i do NOT want to try to go back out there...*shudder*

BUT last night rocked!! it was maia's birthday/young adults fantasy feast!! it was amazing and thanks maia for being born and doing this! hahaha...i was malificent...the villian from sleeping beauty.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

tonight i read a friends blog and could relate all too well...and i sort of just went off...it was a comment ment to encourage but turned into me just spewing my thoughts...

currently i am sitting on my bed, cross-legged, surrounded by almost a dozen books about the emerging church, worship, life cycles and young adult ministry. my thoughts are too many to single one out. my pressures are too many to push any aside. my failed attempt at an extention loomes on my heart and the thought of failure perueses through the other complicate senarios in my mind. i want to do anything but what i have to do. i want to have a conversation with someone without one eye on the door waiting for my life to snatch me away. life, i feel as though i'm not really living it merely trudging through it...yet all that i am in i chose. i chose school, thus i have to work, i chose the various ministry positions, the play...what have i done?

..hahaha it all sounds hopeless yet it's not. there is hope. i mean i'm going to be done this semester in like 3 weeks....these assignments wont be there for the rest of my life. and one day i will be able to be normal again!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

every feel contrasted.
like the deep recesses of life are interfolded into who you've become.
to form a melody of mahem.

hahaha...i'm terribly tired and should be in bed, me worky tomorrow *but of course* tonight i watched pretty in pink after work. i love that movie. it makes me want to be in high school again. it makes me want to take risks i know i wouldn't or won't. it makes me want to live life to the fullest and find a friend like duckie. stop laughing at me i'm tired.

Friday, November 17, 2006

sorry maia there is not getting out of this one....you are now 23!


love you oooh soo much.

basically other people reading this. if you dont know maia you really should. and if you do take a minute and think of how truly freakin' amazing she is.

Monday, November 13, 2006

12:17am & I think I have food poisoning. HA

I feel feverish and very unsettled in the belly and their is no sense in trying to sleep...lets leave it at that.

funny story.

Today for lunch I made myself a wrap. mmm you may say, as would I except this time! I sat down to devour my wrap when my dearest mother asked "are those still good" reffering to the wrap shell it' self. To this I merely responded "probably not" yet continued to consume it, I mean I saw no traces of bacteria and really how sick could one get from a bad wrap! Aparrantly plenty sick! I know what Maia is thinking right now... oh I hope Megs isn't off wraps forever she loves them! ...and it's true i do, i do love wraps...yet i shudder right now at the very thought of the one i ate today. It wasn't even that good. *sigh*

haha in other news I've been having a freakin' BUSY week...really good elements including: a 24/7 prayer room *thank you Lord*, art, random leaf fights, great movies*stranger than fiction is so awesome & inside man, i'm gonna be honest and say i can dig it!* , the living word, 3 hour worship sessions, ignoring homework to relax and paint my toe nails, dude snoring in prayer room HA.....and of course not so hot elements such as: current state of belly haha, stress of copious amounts of school work to be done, stress at work, not sleeping well, that the good elements are the best yet most speratic and seldom of times, not seeing my friends enough.......

At the bass of the cross, someone wrote they're sins on a rock and with red paint marked forgiven on it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

oh Seuss

The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.we sat in the house.
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold, wet day...

Too wet to go out And too cold to play ball.
So we sat in the house.
We did nothing at all.

And then
Something went BUMP!
How that bump made us jump!...

" I know it is wet
And the sun is not sunny.
But we can have
Lots of good fun that is funny!"

Oh the fun that can be had on rainy days.
i will not bore you with my woes
of the crazy chapter ways...
k i'm to lazy to rhyme.
i'n not very good at it anyways

i had a tiring weekend
spent a great deal of time at work
the atmosphere is getting crazy
tis the season

late nights were the theme of the weekend
work ends at 10:30
let the games begin

last night i went to the naam
with some girls from work
seriously awesome place
yummy food, great atmosphere

then we hit the 218 flavors of gelato
it was late on a stormy november sunday
they were still open
good times, one the way home
we listend to jerry seinfield
*everyone seems to be talking about him today*
he's a funny guy.

ok i'm tired of writing
i think you are tired of reading
i will say adiu
and get some work done...hahaha

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