Sunday, November 26, 2006


OOOH man I So hope that school is closed tomorrow...because i do NOT want to try to drive back into abby again. Today sucked. I got up too late to go to the early service at church. i then attempted to go out to school for a group project meeting only to discover my car is lame, went around the block and complained to the fasha who then fixed it and i was off once more. HA. why o why did i try!? the freeway was one giant white blur speckled with black dots on the side of the road...i thought i was going to die. i didnt' but my car did for two wouldnt' move, dead. i started to panic but it started again. then on the off ramp once in abbey, a lady was fish tailing and i was uber scared and just yelled Jesus let her go! and BAM she stratened out and went on. ha Thank You! so i got off then went right back onto the freeway, i shoudl have just stayed at a friends in abbey or something but i had stuff to do. SO i got back on and BAM soon we were all stopped. For like 10 min. we just sat there and the snow piled up. then i went like under 2 km for half an hour. then finally got to go about it was freaky! white out for sure!

Anywho so i get home, go for a walk with my mom to calm myself down which worked it was sweet. THEN i realized i cant drive out to newlands for my Christmas party. so i called a few people but no go, my bro...not home. dang i missed the partai. DANG IT. i even bought an outfit and was sooo loooking forward to going. CRAP. but anyways i got an 8 page paper done, due tomorrow and i really thought i was handing this one in late. so that's good.

BUt now i'm stressin' because school may be open tomorrow and i do NOT want to try to go back out there...*shudder*

BUT last night rocked!! it was maia's birthday/young adults fantasy feast!! it was amazing and thanks maia for being born and doing this! hahaha...i was malificent...the villian from sleeping beauty.


Melissa E said...

My solution for all the nasty snow - stay inside and write my papers and take snowball study breaks! It's been awesome.
Haven't been on the roads yet.

Flip Flops Anonymous said...

You looked magnificent malificent!! Thanks for your help with my partay...and thanks for bringing the green face paint!! What's a costume party without green face paint?! Seriously!! Hahahaha...thanks also for the random hyper spurt today...we are SO weird. When I came home *classic* my mum said "looks like a fun day with Megan". BAHA!! Oh mum, so right. YOU MAKE ME HYPERACTIVE!! What can I say?! ;)