Friday, June 30, 2006


to mexico for two weeks to build houses.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

went and saw...

and it gets two ...

I totally enjoyed "Click" I couldn't stop laughing in the beginning and it even made me cry!! I cried watching an Adam Sandler movie. I had a huge crush on Adam *yes we're on a first name basis* when i was in grade nine...ok ok i'm not going to lie i still totally dig him!!

go see it its sweet...

**it's an adam sandler movie therefore not all scenes are apropriate for your little sister but it is suprisingly clean**

Saturday, June 24, 2006

the climb

you must begin somewhere. why not here. you've been here before? thats ok, you'll probably be back. don't be afraid. exactly. little steps. or leaps. you choose. sometimes it'll feel like you're going to fall. you might. it's ok though. honest. you have to begin somewhere.

I've been reading The Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell *founder of Mars Hill Church* I'm sure many of you have heard about it if not read it. So far I'm totally enjoying it. I read it with my bible out and reference all the scriptures he uses. It's filled with intreguing thoughts and ideas, many i've thought before but they are put clearly and some are a new perspectives which are eagerly recieved.

One thing thats been rad is just seeing God in the little things <> Bell calls them "Holy moments" and when i read this section i was like that is exactly what i'd experienced while holding my 2 year old neice while she slept or listening to the summer leaves being parted by the warm breeze. it's moments like these that make me smile with praise on my lips.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

a strike, a pain, and a fear.

three things on my mind currently...

1. "a strike" to share the joy of being able to strike something off my "to do before i'm forty" list: PAINTBALL. Yep I did it FINALLY, it was a lot of fun! We took some youth on saturday and it was good times, a tad crazy the dude basically passed us guns, made us wait around for a long time, gave us bullets then sent us out! I was like how do you shot!? Pull the trigger...but no rules or anything! I got a nice welt right on the gluteous maximus, it hurt to sit for a day or so hahaha, plus a few other welts and bruises, good times though.

2. tonight i tried skateboarding with some of my youth girls... that is were " a pain" comes in. I fell. on both attempts. the first one i was just trying to turn and BAM, bailed. haha. the second i was showing them how to do an aweley *SP?!?!* i mean i could do one when i was 6! ... yeah not so much anymore. that time i totally fell on my side and that my friends was painful!

3. "a fear"...well tonight was interesting because i was walking home and met up with one of the youth gals, who was trying to get home via bus but it wasn't coming so i took her naturally...LONG story but it ends with me hoping htat her and another gal will get to there destination saftley and wiht the know of their parents. i left them at one of there houses, but i dont know if they will stay there...yeah, it's just scarey, the youth are so different than i was. i love them and fear for them and what they do and the choices that they make...i coudlnt' imagine being a parent HONESTLY!

well that's all for now, i have to go to bed it's late and i have to be up early to go to preschool...youngin's too young to decieve just yet.

Friday, June 16, 2006

They don't lie!

It really is the Happiest Place on Earth!

This was from my trip last month. *SIGH* did you know Lisa O. works there?!! Aparantly that totally slipped my mind but i totally randomly bumped into her! She's livin' my dream, as part of the Disney team. BAH HA . Oh yeah that's my niece, Sierra...honestly so cute and funny...a little odd at times, her parents blame me! tee hee

Friday, June 09, 2006


On a random wime today i went and got this done. red with darkbrowinshblack underneath...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the world isn't all chocolate and marshmellows because of one day...

but it is good because of One God.

You see kids it's not as if my brokeness has become whole, or that "it's all good in the hood" and my relationship with God is perfect or everything lost is now restored. BUT. it's good because of the one who created it.

The last two weeks of youth have been awesome. Last week during small group I just really connected with the kids ...get this playing big booty! haha it's a great game...and the night ended with relationships stronger. then this week one of or grade 12 girls gave the "talk" she's actually the pastor's daughter, and it was amazing the kids listened, if you knew my kids you'd understand why this is amazing!

SO shot my first wedding ever. I took the photos at my cousins wedding on saturday. i really hoped she likes them, they are on there honeymoon so they haven't seen them yet. i was pleased how they turned out i mean gosh it was my first wedding. and maybe my last haha

hmmm what else.

oh since i wasn't really in themood to share some pics of disneyland i can do that now....

ok so it's not working and i'm too impatient for it to work so i'll try again later

night kiddos