Saturday, June 24, 2006

the climb

you must begin somewhere. why not here. you've been here before? thats ok, you'll probably be back. don't be afraid. exactly. little steps. or leaps. you choose. sometimes it'll feel like you're going to fall. you might. it's ok though. honest. you have to begin somewhere.

I've been reading The Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell *founder of Mars Hill Church* I'm sure many of you have heard about it if not read it. So far I'm totally enjoying it. I read it with my bible out and reference all the scriptures he uses. It's filled with intreguing thoughts and ideas, many i've thought before but they are put clearly and some are a new perspectives which are eagerly recieved.

One thing thats been rad is just seeing God in the little things <> Bell calls them "Holy moments" and when i read this section i was like that is exactly what i'd experienced while holding my 2 year old neice while she slept or listening to the summer leaves being parted by the warm breeze. it's moments like these that make me smile with praise on my lips.

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SClerk said...

(in reference to your comment on leslies blog) ...a freakin awesome person like me! thats who! Bring it on cheese lover! Love ya x