Thursday, August 31, 2006

Honestly!? MAN ALIVE!!!

...this was my reaction tonight as I recieved the news that my nephew was in the emergency room recieving a cast on his broken arm!!! ...yep that's right kids, another family member to be added on the list! It's sooo weird...I was actually really troubled by the fact that it seems that one by one my family members are being taken to the hospital but i'm doing ok now. Going to the movies really helped...

I saw "Accepted" and honestly, it made me laugh soo much, it was just a really good comedy that I didn't feel "bad" watching. So funny... hahah yeah.

Also I'm gonng start writing a book... "Jesus Loves You but Everyone Else Thinks Your An Idiot" ...I'll tell you my thoughts of today and where this tittle came from ...but that will be for another time.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

two and half yes's

serious, that subject line was a lot of work!

This post is going to be one of those, I have so much on my mind, heart, and I'm full of this past weeks adventures but there is so much that non will coherently come out. So here is a wee taste of it all...

It has been a very fun week, full of great times and wonderful people. Bonfires, Settlers, Carcason, teaching Drama to youngins, my Nieces and Nephews... of my favorite moments was having Dakota sleep on me after a long day of play and being able to rub her back as she struggled to sleep while coughing. Children are so precious. Some other awesome moments were watching Ella, Rye and Isaac play with my youth and then my friends.

It's also been and "interesting" you have probably read, last week my Dad broke his foot. In the following days my sister had to go to emerg. because of a flue that absolutly wrecked her glands, and my sis in law got severe hives and had to be taken to emerg. twice! Both are fine now but it was just a little crasy. Then a couple of days ago my mom told me that my Grandma had cancer again, it's in her liver, possibly somewhere else *i can't rember where* she seems to be doing ok with it, she is soo strong but it's actuall my grandpa who i'm worried about. He's been drinking again and just does not sound good.

at points this week i've had to just go "what!?!" and either laugh or be still.

It continued with some confusing things but I know they too will be sorted out. . .

I've been trying to work on my conversational skills, because some people are amazing at it, and I, well I feel that I could use some work. The beauty of it is I dont mind silence...but it has the possibility of making people awkward.

i'll end with something that makes me smile.

Friday, August 18, 2006

ER the real thing almost as entertaining as the show?!?!

So today I arose earlier than I tend to one a friday *or anyday really* in the summer and scuffled off to prayer for the youth. When I came home I read then had a nap *ahem*. Ok this is already taking to long...Today my dad feel of a ladder, we spent like 4 hours in the ER and discovered that he had broken his foot. You may think wow, four hours in the hospital boring but OH NO! It was a "quiet" day so there really wasn't much for the nurses to do so it was quite entertaining watching them dote over my dad and discover what a "jones cast" is...aparantly it doesnt' get used anymore but dad was special. Also, it came to my attention that all the doctors I saw today were male, foreign and cute bah ha *bet you didn't expect that one from me eh!'s just an observation* Then I came home, "babysat" my well drugged father until me momsies got home then jet off to work an hour late. Yep that's my dad. If you could pray for my Dad that would be awesome, he's now in a great deal of pain and also he won't be able to head back to work anytime soon which will be very very hard on him. Pray that God would use this time to teach my Dad to lean on him and that this time of frustration would turn into a time in which my Dad would finally come to know God loves him.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bravo! BRAVO!!

There is a Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver called Bard on the Beach. I FINALLY got to go to one of their productions. On saturday some of us went and saw A Midsummer's Night Dream. OH MAN ALIVE it was soo amazing! Honest I haven't laughed that hard at a play in a long time if ever! They did a brillant job, not mucking with the origanal text but adding modern aspects and their own flare where apropriate! *The backdrop is the landscape of Van. the mountains and ocean*It was a lot of fun. Before hand Janny, Maia, Mel and I met up with Rye and Thanney and just hung out at Granville Island. I really like Vancouver I should spend more time there. Also i should really take advantage of the theatre scene in Van.

...and yes we found another hat store!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

I heart randomness!

This past week I was at Rough Acres Bible Camp wwwaaaaay up northern B.C. It was an awesome week, in which the presence of God was strong and I spent a great deal of time alone with the Lord on the dock. I LOVE camp. We did a boys camp and it was interesting for me to be support staff and NOT be a counsellor but it was still flippin' radicule. We meet a bunch or rad people, reunited with those from the past and it was truly a blessing. I dressed up tons for skits and was awesome. I was the master villian, the russian spy, and super girly russian spy.

I was gonna put some pics of camp and some random stuff since i've been home but alas it's being silly so more of that later....

I've haven't been home very much since i got back from camp, mostly because my house is empty and so after i had breakfast with some friends this morning i was all like i'll just go home and's been a couple hours and well i'm pretty much bored to the point of i can't even write so i'm gonna take a nap! hahaha excellent!