Monday, August 07, 2006

I heart randomness!

This past week I was at Rough Acres Bible Camp wwwaaaaay up northern B.C. It was an awesome week, in which the presence of God was strong and I spent a great deal of time alone with the Lord on the dock. I LOVE camp. We did a boys camp and it was interesting for me to be support staff and NOT be a counsellor but it was still flippin' radicule. We meet a bunch or rad people, reunited with those from the past and it was truly a blessing. I dressed up tons for skits and was awesome. I was the master villian, the russian spy, and super girly russian spy.

I was gonna put some pics of camp and some random stuff since i've been home but alas it's being silly so more of that later....

I've haven't been home very much since i got back from camp, mostly because my house is empty and so after i had breakfast with some friends this morning i was all like i'll just go home and's been a couple hours and well i'm pretty much bored to the point of i can't even write so i'm gonna take a nap! hahaha excellent!


Polythene Pam said...

Camp is awesome. The let down after camp is always kind of a drag though.
That is funny about the bangs.
I got my hair cut the day after I cut my own bangs and the hairstylist was like, are you sure you want them that thick? I think that's coming into style but I'm not sure it's here yet. I saw it at a hairshow but I don't think it's quite the thing yet.
I thought that was kind of weird, but apparently it means we are cutting edge fashion, so go us!

shinbone #4 said...

funny you should mention that.. I cut mine before I came into work this morning - yay.. I'm cutting edge too!
Thanks for dropping by, by the way... I just wanted to say... even if you were OUT of this world, I would love you still - YOU are radical!!
Also... so lucky about all the major fun camp stuff. I missed my chance to have a blast working at my favorite summer camp - ended up having my appendix out a few days before it started... for some stupid reason I thought I would be good to go anyway by the time it started.. I was so stupid and naive.. I could barely walk to the bathroom by myself then. So no camp for me this summer.. *sniff* (that's my sob story :D)

The Bean Bag Chair said...

I FREAKIN' LOVE YOU...just wanted to pass that along. Oh...and that "someone" didn't really work out (insert sad face)...but God rocks! Wish I could have been a super hero with you at super girly dutchie spy girl or something! Don't be a stranger!