Friday, August 18, 2006

ER the real thing almost as entertaining as the show?!?!

So today I arose earlier than I tend to one a friday *or anyday really* in the summer and scuffled off to prayer for the youth. When I came home I read then had a nap *ahem*. Ok this is already taking to long...Today my dad feel of a ladder, we spent like 4 hours in the ER and discovered that he had broken his foot. You may think wow, four hours in the hospital boring but OH NO! It was a "quiet" day so there really wasn't much for the nurses to do so it was quite entertaining watching them dote over my dad and discover what a "jones cast" is...aparantly it doesnt' get used anymore but dad was special. Also, it came to my attention that all the doctors I saw today were male, foreign and cute bah ha *bet you didn't expect that one from me eh!'s just an observation* Then I came home, "babysat" my well drugged father until me momsies got home then jet off to work an hour late. Yep that's my dad. If you could pray for my Dad that would be awesome, he's now in a great deal of pain and also he won't be able to head back to work anytime soon which will be very very hard on him. Pray that God would use this time to teach my Dad to lean on him and that this time of frustration would turn into a time in which my Dad would finally come to know God loves him.

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Polythene Pam said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. But cute doctors are always a plus... maybe YOU should fall of a ladder and get a little doting of your own! eh? eh?