Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Insane Concert Roster!!!





Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a BOY!


I got the call 1:30am Tuesday morning. I drove Mandy and Nate to the hospital, dropped them off at the door parked and ran in. Oooh it all felt like the movies. We wheeled her into the maternity room, her breathing short stout little breathes. Anyways I'll save you all the details and end at 4:14 out comes little Emmy *I'm tryin' this nic name out...what do ya think?* It was one crazy, powerful experience! Mandy did awesome, and was so funny, polite and apologetic during labour. But still... I choose adoption haha.

I was going to put up a few pics...but I'm ridiculously tired and it doesn't want to seem to load!

But trust me, he's cute!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Past week Randoms. I've...

- asked a stranger to marry me *see last post*

- dropped my iPod onto lappy's screen and put a wee mark in it that I continuously forget is permanent and try to scrap off.

- drove to Baker again to board...hurt way less this time

- bought the movie Twilight...anyone want to buy it from me?!

- walked out of a movie *I got a free movie pass*...I love you, man = ridiculously crude

- thought to myself twice in one day that I needed a hubby ...related to someone to vent to

- bought three Cd's....

1. Mercy Me - newish one... it's alright, nothing too exciting

2. The Classic Crime - The Silver Cord - so far so good! Totally enjoying it! I think I will enjoy this album more than the last one I have of theirs. The lead singers voice and style is reminding me of the panic at the disco dudes voice.

3. Jon Foreman - "Spring & Summer" - I could listen to track five on the spring album over and over again. "Your love is strong". this song was epic while drivin' to the fort with the mountains bathed in sunlight! Seriously look it up.

- Baked a cake *from a box*

- Laughed, and really meant it, a number of times.

- practiced what I preached...literally, and it can be difficult at times.

- disappointed friends while trying to help others

- acquired another novel ..."Catch 22" ...thanks mom

- felt important, overlooked, rejected, accepted, acommplished, tired, unappriciated, confused, joyful...

- received this picture from a friend...

...they are a true friend indeed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's still wednesday to me!!

I'm all flustered now, I had thought of a bunch of fun, random, thought-provoking, love promoting things to write over that last few days and now...

I give you this picture...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

...your asking me to have faith much?

This constant pull from within is crashing against the interior of my heart. It will be silenced for now. No not silenced but hushed into a gentle colapsing wave. I will have faith. This faith will grow, expand and dwell within, consuming the empty ions that are searching for doubt. Their hope falters as my faith expounds.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So, I had this opened, yet had not begun writing before midnight.

And here is why.

I got a call at like 11:20 from my brother in-law

"Are you still awake"
"Yep! I sure am!" - I begin to get excited, thinking, could this be it, is Mandy really having little buddy now?!! *She is due on the 22...but really it could be anyday now!*
"Ok good..." ....oh man it's time! You see, Mandy said there was only two people allowed in the delivery room. Nathan and ME! "Because I really have to pee" ...what the?! is this really Nathan. "And we can't get into our complex because there is a billion cop cars, there was a shooting in our cult-e-sac and it's all blocked off"
"What?! Seriously? Ok sure come on over!"

Isnt' that crazy! Freakin' four houses down from Mandy and Nates house. A shooting. So crazy.

Anyways. I was SO CLOSE to getting this writen before "thursday" and SO CLOSE *so I tought* to having another niece or nephew.

Aight, time for bed. Peace and much much love.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

OOoh if only you were closer.

I found the cutest...bakery ever!

It is on the way to Mt.Baker. It is ridiculously wonderful with glorious tasting muffins and well quasi good hotchocolate. haha. The hot chocolate bit didn't really fit in there.

Anyways it's this small old school house done all brilliantly. Inside it's tiny, bright and eclectique with three or four tables all cozied together. There is a display of muffins, cookies and random baked goods and a short but very chatty man who runs it. If I lived by it I would go there weekly, if not daily to hang out.

*Sigh* it is wonderful and made me feel jousous. Almost as joyous as the day at Baker made me feel.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thinking and Thoughts

I just finished reading Dans latest post...I tend to read his before catapulting myself into my own writing process. Perhaps looking for some motivation and inspiration.

Tonight he wrote on the fact that he likes to spend quality time processing and contemplating. This got me funny would it be to know what people were thinking all the time!

I'm sure it would be super awkward and disturbing at times...but just think about how hilarious it could be at other times! Oh thinking of this reminded me of that movie "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson. And how there were really funny moments in that, and the joy that it brought him knowing what others were thinking... and then he knew what the woman he was interested in was thinking. Good AND bad.
It could definitely be hurtful to know what people were thinking all the time, and the thing about that is, people change there mind so fast that if you only caught a glimpse of what they were thinking then you may miss the conclusion...results could be catastrophic.

I love the fluidity of thoughts, how your brain synapses can rapidly fire one thought and catapult it into another, and another and endless cycle.

These cycles can be ridiculously amusing and intriguing, and that is why it would be fun to know what others were thinking at random times.

OK enough thoughts.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

...funny how fast pictures of me become dated. This was taken early Nov. I no longer have that hair colour or those glasses.

If you google my name this will be the #1 thing found.

Megan Hazelton [Middle School Pastor]

Megan Hazelton

It’s funny to think I’m considered old by some, mid twenties to a middle school youth is ancient, while I’m considered young to others. This is why youth ministry is the place for me; I get to be an adult but act like a youth because it’s my “job”! Acting weird, being ridiculously loud and doing crazy things are not the only reason why I love what I do. I get the opportunity to walk along side and support youth who are starting to discover who they are in Christ. Whether they’ve known Jesus all their lives or have yet to call Him saviour it is an awesome adventure to journey with them!

Some answers to frequently asked questions:

  • No, I do not remember my natural hair colour.
  • Yes, that is my real laugh.
  • I went to Columbia Bible College where I got a BA in Youth Work.
  • I Have three brothers, three sister in laws, one sister, one brother in law and eight nieces and nephews!
  • My parents live in Fort Langley in the house my siblings and I grew up in.
  • I enjoy reading, the theatre, visual arts, long boarding and traveling!
  • Sushi
  • I love music and have a large, eclectic collection. If you were to look on my iPod for recently played you’d see: One Republic, Adele, Snow Patrol, Kanye West, Jonas Brothers & Relient K.

...God only knows if this will be there come June!!