Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a BOY!


I got the call 1:30am Tuesday morning. I drove Mandy and Nate to the hospital, dropped them off at the door parked and ran in. Oooh it all felt like the movies. We wheeled her into the maternity room, her breathing short stout little breathes. Anyways I'll save you all the details and end at 4:14 out comes little Emmy *I'm tryin' this nic name out...what do ya think?* It was one crazy, powerful experience! Mandy did awesome, and was so funny, polite and apologetic during labour. But still... I choose adoption haha.

I was going to put up a few pics...but I'm ridiculously tired and it doesn't want to seem to load!

But trust me, he's cute!

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Allison said...

ooo YAY!!!