Sunday, March 22, 2009

Past week Randoms. I've...

- asked a stranger to marry me *see last post*

- dropped my iPod onto lappy's screen and put a wee mark in it that I continuously forget is permanent and try to scrap off.

- drove to Baker again to board...hurt way less this time

- bought the movie Twilight...anyone want to buy it from me?!

- walked out of a movie *I got a free movie pass*...I love you, man = ridiculously crude

- thought to myself twice in one day that I needed a hubby ...related to someone to vent to

- bought three Cd's....

1. Mercy Me - newish one... it's alright, nothing too exciting

2. The Classic Crime - The Silver Cord - so far so good! Totally enjoying it! I think I will enjoy this album more than the last one I have of theirs. The lead singers voice and style is reminding me of the panic at the disco dudes voice.

3. Jon Foreman - "Spring & Summer" - I could listen to track five on the spring album over and over again. "Your love is strong". this song was epic while drivin' to the fort with the mountains bathed in sunlight! Seriously look it up.

- Baked a cake *from a box*

- Laughed, and really meant it, a number of times.

- practiced what I preached...literally, and it can be difficult at times.

- disappointed friends while trying to help others

- acquired another novel ..."Catch 22" ...thanks mom

- felt important, overlooked, rejected, accepted, acommplished, tired, unappriciated, confused, joyful...

- received this picture from a friend...

...they are a true friend indeed.

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Dr. Coopernicus Who said...

intense randomicity!