Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thinking and Thoughts

I just finished reading Dans latest post...I tend to read his before catapulting myself into my own writing process. Perhaps looking for some motivation and inspiration.

Tonight he wrote on the fact that he likes to spend quality time processing and contemplating. This got me funny would it be to know what people were thinking all the time!

I'm sure it would be super awkward and disturbing at times...but just think about how hilarious it could be at other times! Oh thinking of this reminded me of that movie "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson. And how there were really funny moments in that, and the joy that it brought him knowing what others were thinking... and then he knew what the woman he was interested in was thinking. Good AND bad.
It could definitely be hurtful to know what people were thinking all the time, and the thing about that is, people change there mind so fast that if you only caught a glimpse of what they were thinking then you may miss the conclusion...results could be catastrophic.

I love the fluidity of thoughts, how your brain synapses can rapidly fire one thought and catapult it into another, and another and endless cycle.

These cycles can be ridiculously amusing and intriguing, and that is why it would be fun to know what others were thinking at random times.

OK enough thoughts.


Leslie said...

I wish I knew what you were thinking all the time. *creepy smile*

I love reading your posts. ;) Keep 'em coming!

BAHA my "word verification" was 'creerler' thats almost creeper! lol

Megs said...

LESLES! hahaha, that is ridiculously close to's a sign!