Thursday, March 12, 2009


So, I had this opened, yet had not begun writing before midnight.

And here is why.

I got a call at like 11:20 from my brother in-law

"Are you still awake"
"Yep! I sure am!" - I begin to get excited, thinking, could this be it, is Mandy really having little buddy now?!! *She is due on the 22...but really it could be anyday now!*
"Ok good..." ....oh man it's time! You see, Mandy said there was only two people allowed in the delivery room. Nathan and ME! "Because I really have to pee" ...what the?! is this really Nathan. "And we can't get into our complex because there is a billion cop cars, there was a shooting in our cult-e-sac and it's all blocked off"
"What?! Seriously? Ok sure come on over!"

Isnt' that crazy! Freakin' four houses down from Mandy and Nates house. A shooting. So crazy.

Anyways. I was SO CLOSE to getting this writen before "thursday" and SO CLOSE *so I tought* to having another niece or nephew.

Aight, time for bed. Peace and much much love.

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Allison said...

Oh Man!!! haha! that is really crazy. dont worry you'll have another little niece or nephew soon!