Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dutchville, WA. USA

YAY random days in Lynden, USA. My friend Liz, JUST moved to Lynden from Seattle *she goes to TWU during the year* and a couple of days ago Maiers, Janny and I went to spend the day with her. It was a fun filled day that included, wandering the crazy dutch town that Lynden is, becoming seniors and joining the red hat crew, wooden shoes, dutch blitz *i bought it there hazzah!!*, a wee park, fake laughing turned to real work out the ab laughter, rad meals, fudge, and amazing friends.

I've had some awesome hang out times with my friends in the last week or so and it just reminds me of how truly blessed I am that they are in my life for longer than a blink of an eye. Hahaha, last night i was called "one of the guys". it made me laugh.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

confusion leads to camping!

I went camping this weekend with some friends, hahah after three trys we found a campsite at Chilliwak lake *yes this means nothing to you i'm aware* i'd never been there and was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of it. Here are some random pictures for ya.

I had time to finish the Velvet Elvis this weekend as well...pick it up.

Friday, July 14, 2006

back with a new appeciation for Queen...

So i got home last night around alive long drive!! I had an amazing time *i was building homes in mexico for those too lazy to scroll down ;) *

I'm really tird and have to wake quasi early so i'm gonnna do some highlights in point form:

  • seeing God answer prayers, like bladder control on the way down
  • watching God work through the youth while down there
  • having tons of memories flood back into mind as soon as i crossed the border
  • falling in love with mexico once again
  • recieving the largest smile from the woman we were building the house for EVERYTIME i walked by her. *which was a lot*
  • Donas Tutti!!
  • coconut fruit bars
  • swimming with sharks *litterally!! talk about crap my pants batman!!*
  • Surfing for the first time!!! *seperate day than the sharks*
  • watching the baywatch boys run on laguna beach *i dont think i've ever laughed that hard! ok that's a lie but soo funny!!*
  • getting hyper and steamrollin' the youth girls hahaha!
  • cultivating deeper relationships cross generationally and with my youth
  • inventing "nurf ball" the sweetest backseat game ever!
  • spanish church based on philipians 1 and 4. "we all have our prisons but they can't cage us in when we have a purpose and a mission for our life" *paraphrase of the message*
  • having a dance party while doing dishes
  • spending time with the Lord while watching a giant mexican flag fly over the city
  • having an old western photograph taken at knotts berry farm *it was decent don't you worry*
  • being an "adult" now and not having to obey curfew PLUS leading a group down into the city...seriously when did this happen!
  • getting to see ANNE! A friend that lives in Ontario but who was in aneheim! *she drove all night just to see us off in the morning from our hotel!*
  • hearing God being praised in another language
  • watching the exchange of a key and a heartfelt thankyou...the dedication of the homes

Alrighty thats what is coming out at this point...i'm sure there will be some more random stuff later or an expansion of some of this but for now i must say adious! austa leuga!!