Sunday, July 16, 2006

confusion leads to camping!

I went camping this weekend with some friends, hahah after three trys we found a campsite at Chilliwak lake *yes this means nothing to you i'm aware* i'd never been there and was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of it. Here are some random pictures for ya.

I had time to finish the Velvet Elvis this weekend as well...pick it up.


Jonathan said...

Looks good Megan!
Thanx for the comment and I'm glad the thought of the Chilis brought back some memories.
Yeah, it was a while ago that we were doing all that stuff for Connect. Wow. You have a good memory. That was a crazy week, wasn't it?! Man alive.
Hope the camping was a load of fun, enjoy the summer

Polythene Pam said...

Hey, I´m reading Velvet Elvis right now too! And I like you pictures. And I like you.

The Bean Bag Chair said...

Awww...I should have totally bummed a seat in the van! LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS TONS!!!
<>< Anne

Janice said...

hey now...chilliwack lake means something to ME...

dude i seriously recognize that blonde girl from somewhere.

Flip Flops Anonymous said...

I am that blonde girl :) It's funny...Megs, Janny and I were JUST talking about how people say I'm 'blonde'...but i'm actually more of a brunette who is WANTING to be blonde (and has blonde highlights). Hmmm, I wonder where I could know you from Janice?! Perhaps we were friends once?! Perhaps we at peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together?! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!