Thursday, December 06, 2007

Whilst having a conversation with a friend they asked me where Capernwray Hall was and I proceded to describe where it was .... which led me to think of Carnforth which ultimatley made me think of the Carnforth bookshop! My favorite bookshop in the world. SO I googled it and found it!!!

"About the book
storeCarnforth Bookshop was established in 1977 and today it has over 100,000 Second Hand and Antiquarian books situated in 14 rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The bookstore also buys books and book collections. If you are unable to find a desired book in the shop, the staff can provide a no obligation, free book search service. Carnforth bookshop also has an extensive selection of new books (located on the ground floor), they also stock a wide range of cards, gifts, toys, art materials and stationery. "

This is not the bookstore but the carnforth train station. the first place I was at in carnforth. After a long day of traveling by myself from Vancouver Canada, to Heathrow London, to Gatwick Manchester then finally to Carnforth!! Seriously I remeber being soo nervous at the station, struggling to get out a 25pence coin to let the school know i had arrived. You see I was late getting to school..but that's another story... so there outside the station I awaited my ride. .. which again is another story involving cars on the wrong side of the road, a crazy swedish driver and my first driving experience in englad. NEAR DEATH.

Oh the strip! I can just smell carnforth air...and the smell of all the shops, the feel of the streets...AHHH i miss it!

I purchased a complete works of Shakespeare in the Carnforth was from 1898 or something crazy like that. It's beautiful!
Well perhaps one day in the near future I will be back in good ol' Carnforth


Allison said...

ahhhh yaaay!
I miss Carnforth, too, but guess what I miss more? Hanging out with you!!! Love you Meggles.

Ashley said...

Whilst... nice word!