Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I went to something called the "Passion Tour" it's a world tour with 17 stops in the worlds major cities. It's a night of worship through singing, praying and hearing for Gods word. It's focus is college age kids. It was really encouraging. 10,000 students together with the focus of praising and giving fame back to the one name who deserves it, Jesus. Chris Tomlin and the David Crowder Band lead worship. Here are a few thoughts from tonight...

1. It was incredible that God gave this vision/dream to someone and I was participating in someones dream coming into fruition. God spoke to someone they obeyed and now thousands upon thousands of people are joining together to praise his name. This huge event started out as a thought.

2. At times I can be cinical or rather to put it in a more "neat" word, critical. My time at bible college taught be how to be critical, which I think is a very important quality that many Christians shy away from however I suppose that I can critique to the point of cinisicsm.

3. The speaker dude, whom I honesty can't remember the name of... told a students testimony. It was very moving, powerful and encouraging. She ended up being killed in a car accident three months after entering a relationship with Jesus, however her life continues to encourage others. Anyways the speaker read from her journal.... my hypothosis is that this journal will soon be sold in Christian books stores across North American very soon.

4. I have a dream for the future that I rarely tell people but has been with me for a long time. No no its' not to be in a musical, everyone should know that already! I believe one day it will happen there are just a lot of steps before it does.

5. COOL STORY. One of the people I saw there had given me a name of a girl who needed a roomate. I was looking for a roomate/place so I met up with this girl and she was awesome! The place was pretty nice, I got along SO well with this chick and would have had a blast living with her and rent was super cheap! All things seemed to fit well except that I didn't feel kosher about living there. For some reason I didnt' feel good about the situation and struggled wether I should move in. After thinking about it I told the girl it wouldnt' work out. It just couldnt' put my finger on why I didnt' want to move in, and the reasons I thought of were lame and sounded like poor excuses. ANYWAYS the dude I saw told me that this girl actually ended up moving back to Kelowna because she felt called to work with the youth up there! SO I would have been screwed if I had moved there! Honeslty God is so good! I was floored, because this fits into a much bigger story than this....all that needs to be said is that God is totally watching my back.

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Elleah said...

That is a cool story! It's amazing how God orchestrates things!