Saturday, March 24, 2007

the mind of megan eh!?

...maia nailed it *circus music* is all I hear.

Hmmm, well there has been a lot going on in my noggin'.

The past week has been good.

The play is going really well so far. We've had two nights and one more to go. It's been a long journey to finally putting this bad boy up, one of the most difficult ones i've worked on. First off I'm playing a new role for me, I dont play the funny one, the main one, or the most energetic one...yet it's good. Really though the hardest part has been just getting to the point where it could go up. there is so much to a production that for people who've never really been a part of have no idea, it takes a crap load of energy, time and work. We had major scheduling issues with the team and didn't actually do full runs very much before going up. It's been yeah...hard and frustrating at times, yet it's been sweet to continually be reminded that this is for God and for his glory and to leave it at that. So yes... I'm glad I am a part of it...

I feel that I haven't really seen my friends for a while...which is true haha, but i was able to have sushi with maia today which was nice. . . soon though I'll have more time. It's been good though seeing people at the play who I haven't seen for a while at school, nice to catch up with them.

Well I'm sort of just rambling now and i should go...gotta get ready to go more! EEEPppp. haha I love that I still get a wee me energy!


Flip Flops Anonymous said...

Yay, a new post :) I thoroughly enjoyed your play!! I feel so proud when I see my friends 'in their element' and I see them using the gifts that God has given them!! It was well done Megs, everyone did a great job :) All of that work DEFINITELY payed off and, I pray that people were blessed/challenged/encouraged by it :) Love you chicken head!!

The Bean Bag Chair said...

Heard you were amazing...Sent a little something for you with my mom!