Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"he has to get used to me in small doses
i'm like a deep and delicious cake
all at once i can be a bit overwhelming/much...but take small bites, and it's soooo good" ~ My dearest friend Maia. Man, how she makes me laugh!

So I FINALLY figured out how to put stupid links on this thing! *applause* Keep your eye's open there will be more soon!


~tiff~ said...

*cough cough*...anyway, im envious of your capernwray moment...aswell as happy for the five of you, you are all amazing.

kaylie said...

Megan! Hey I miss you! Do you know Emilie is engaged and getting married to Kjetil in December (I will never forget how to spell his name). Oh I miss you and I'm jealous you got to see Leslie and Brent and Sarah Clerc! Do you know if they are still in BC?