Tuesday, October 04, 2005

.a bitter sweet taste resides.

. at the moment I'm totally overwhelmed by emotions tied to Capernwray. I had an AMAZING time of hanging out with 5 AMAZING people that I met at Cape. Sarah C, Leslie (both traveling across this great country of ours...well...that is those who read this that are canadian), Sarah Sitton ( came up from wash.), Janice (who now resides back in BC!), Brent (so glad that kid is going to my school...Columbia Bible College for those who dont know) and myself strolled down the seawall in Stanley Park. I was almost speachless, 5 random people who I shared 6 months of my life in England are now walking in my "real" world. So out of countrol, to steal a lovely phrase from Ally. We then went from there to a crazy "hole in the wall" restaurant for all day breakfast (only 2.95!) and then went to Janice's apartment to watch Anchorman. to read this, it may not seem special but for those who are from Cape. you know how special these times outside of Cape are. It was the things in between what we did that really made it so special, like Leslie and Brent making up random songs about going to Stanley park and hell (dont ask it was improved!) or peaches, laughing so hard my face hurt, talking in a lisp, learning where people were at spiritual, reconnecting with people who at one time were always just in the next room who are now perhaps not even in the next country, deepening those bonds that begun one year ago. it was hard to say good bye to leslie and sarah again, I don't know when i'll see them again and I won't lie, this plan ol' sucks. and this is my bitter sweet taste. good times then and now collide to leave me with the unforgivable truth that time keeps on ticking and the future doesnt' always wait for the past to catch up.


I'm signin' off ...i'm sleepy, till next time!


Anonymous said...
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Janice said...

ha megs you got the spam! can i just say again how happy i am you guys live so close...made my freakin day. loves.

Allison said...

i'm so glad you got to have a capernwray moment! yaaaaaaay.

Leslie said...

megan i had a wonderful time with you! I miss you and will see you again. You're a treat. ;) Your lisp made me die laughing.