Sunday, November 20, 2005

This weekend....

In point and chronalogical order:

-Slept in till around 11. mmm sleep
-gosh...what did I do till 2...
-worked 3-10:30...during this time I saw Caleb and Hannah *she does exist!*, saw Candace *she's an amazing person* and Dave *commuter director at school*
-talked to Jason online for a long time and discovered Mat Kearney
-around 1 in the morning I did the Daveo Smile thing

-Got, around 10 I think
-woundered around my house and talked to my mom
-Managed to get a paper down for monday
-Picked up to go to maia's B-day party...
-6:15 started Ice skating...saw RON GLOVER *hahaha i had a HUGE crush on this kid when i was in grade 9, he was in grade 12*
-Made a little kid fall, he accadently cut me off and it scared me so I sort of screamed and this in turn scared him and he biffed it. yes, i laughed
-after skating we went to Sarah and Christians house for fondue and to celebrate some more...
-played taboo...yeah aparantly I suck, I got minus 3 ...*sigh
- Got told i was responsible for russian policee officers deaths because I cause awkward moments by ben
- went home and thought deeply about my life and my relationship with God

- Got up and taught sunday school for 9:30, I'm sure my girls think i'm crazy hahaha
- went to the service *for the past three weeks i've been at other churchs for my philosophy of worship class
- did some "fellowshipping"
- came home, had lunch, read some stuff for school and took an hour nap *I love sleep*
- Got up and went to my niece and nephews birthday party
- ate some food, watched a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, goofed off with my siblings and had an all around good time
- caught the 8 oclock showing of HARRY POTTER & THE GOBLET OF FIRE, *loved it*, sat next to a weird man that woudnt' stop talking or tapping his toes...and when I first got there talked with a horribly fake english accent and told me that my dickies purse was brilliantly english *oh really, i thougth to myself*, watched the movie totally enthralled and missing england terribly I found myself wishing to be back there, or filming a movie * I have random thoughts*
- didnt' get home till 11. took a shower and i'm here...procrastinating on sleep only because I knwo when I wake up in the morning it will be early, dark and school will be a mere 25 minute drive away...*shudder*

...oh i forgot to mention my insesant muttering of "good morning sunshine the earth says hello!" it's willy wonka and my sisters fault!



Allison said...

Oo - Mat Kearny. Good call. And Charlie AND HP4 in the same weekend - what fun!
Meggles, why again do we not live closer together? sigh.

Miss Courtnay said...

I love sleep also, but yet I never get any.....

Janice said...

hannah does exist!! i know!! isn't she fun? megan we should hang out. i should be less busy.

SClerk said...

england...dont do it. Film a movie instead! Harry Potter...i still havent seen it...argh! Cant wait! O Sundays...theres nothing better than a sunday afternoon nap!

Anonymous said...

i've got to go poo, so this will be short. megs, YOU SAW RON GLOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahahahhahaahahaha, that's the best thing in the entire world! was he old and ugly and balding -or still as handsome as ever? did you say hello? or, you shoulda. that's awesome, megs. and... something else i wanted to comment upon... hmmmm... (you better know who this is. i didnt sign in because i wanted to say that i have to poo, but i didnt want any of your cool friends to think i'm gross, hahah!). i dont remember. oh well. say hi to ronny G. for me next time. (remember that photo you have with him and gloria? hahaha!!)

chicki said...

lucky megs - she gets to see people from the!!! love ya hon!