Thursday, November 10, 2005

when our "religion" becomes repulsive

I can feel the red fluid that flows continuously underneath my skin begin to increase in volume and temperature each moment I witness this screaming woman on tv. As she protests and rebukes I feel the need to do the same to her. the premise of the show has nothing to do with religion, or faith, or whatever one chooses to follow. i'm sure you've heard of wife swap, if not it's a show where two wives swap homes for a week, this show is along those lines. This "christian" woman goes to a home of a family that practices astrology and other new age type things. By the end of the week the "Christian" woman has lost it and returns home to start yelling such things like " i rebuke satan in the name of Jesus"... all these things that is outrageous in such a setting. Yes, I do believe that we have the power to rebuke Satan and that we should not let Him have control of any part of our lives but I can't explain the words and behavior of this woman, who claimed to know and trust Jesus. Yet she completely disregarded his command to love others and, I can't even explain it but something inside me cracked and I was outraged at how she was treating this other family, how she was modeling Christ. She said several times that she "knew that seeds had been planted" and all I could think of was how God could have used her to plant seeds several times but she crushed them. I'm not trying to slander this woman really, I just get frustrated when Christians miss the big picture and throw "Christianese" one liners and things that mean ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to those who don't know Christ. I just kept thinking, Man, If I didnt' know Christ and watched this I would never want to. I know that we need to be bold in our faith, but we need to be sensitive too if that makes sense.ANYWAYS *TANGENT* Sorry if non of this made sense...I sort of just went off. I hope this woman wasn't related to any of you somehow and I've totally offended you.

PS- I saw Dora the Explorer live...heck yes I did!


Polythene Pam said...

Uck, bleck, I know exactly what you mean! Ug! Makes me angry.

PS I am SOOO sorry about the linkage neglect - I know how that feels. The truth is I have been MEANING to add you for quite some time now but, as when I added brent, I didn't know your web address off the top of my head because I always use the link on Ally's page to get here and then I was going to go back and do it but got side-tracked on the way. I am a horrible person. But the problem has been remedied. I try to keep my links to pages I often visit but yours definetly qualifies and it was in fact annoying me often they you weren't a link cuz I always had to go through someone else's paget to check yours.
Anyway... I love you soooo much! Please do not doubt my love! I am sorry!!!!!!

Miss Courtnay said...

Well to start with the lady is my birth mother who I thought died in a fire when I was 3years old. Well now that we got that ackwardness out of the way.
I fully agree christians are the best example of why we should become christians. On the other hand christians are the best example of why everyone should be a christian. Simple because we can't do it. I wish she would have used her experience to love. Hopefully she set an example for what we shouldn't do the next time we want to yell at someone.
I always watched that showed and then was like I don't want to that women just looks stupid.