Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hey did you know...

...that gold is the language everyone understands! LAME, that was a catch phrase on a Kay Jewlers commercial, I found that lame so I'd thought I'd share with you all!

**the next lines must be read out loud with a lateral lisp**

Speaking of sharing things with you amasing people, I'm almost overwhelmed by the masses in which people are coming out of the woodwork in this blogging system. It's simply amazing to see what you are all up to, I suck at keeping in touch and this is awesome! So keep it up my friends!

** you can return to your normal voice, if you speak normally with a heavy lisp please dont hold any hard feelings just know I truly love you **

Miss PJS inspired me to share the joy of the length of my hair.Can you tell I've been watching America's Top sort of seems that I'm fishing for compliments but REALLY i'm NOT. So if you comment, comment on how witty and intelligent and wonderful you think I am not how beautiful I am, cuz really comments aren't always about stating the obvious, am I right or am I right?!! *kidding people, really c'mon!*


Polythene Pam said...

Well, I agree, this is almost to obvious to state, but I will anyway. YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY SMOKING HOT! I am so proud of you for not cutting! We should be a club - the not cutters. I'm so proud of us! It goes beyond the normal girl just trying to get her hair to be long becuase WE have been exclusively short haired girls for quite some time now and are just now able to throw off that identity and accept our new role in society as medium-length hair girls! What a wonderfull new world it is too, am I right?!
love you meggy.

Miss Courtnay said...

I'm gald you happy and I wish I had long hair